Tzemach Yehudah Richter
Tzemach Yehudah Richter

Rescuing The Kabul Hostages – Thinking Entebbe!!


When those terrorists hijacked that Air France plane and diverted it to Entebbe Airport with many Jews aboard, the Israeli Government immediately went into secret session to devise a rescue plan. There were detailed models of the Entebbe Airport constructed from the description provided by the freed hostages. A rescue plan was finalized and when all negotiations failed then the Israelis took action. We all know the miracle that took place next.

The point here is Biden should have immediately returned to the White House instead of continuing his vacation. This clearly shows a lack of leadership and concern for all Americans.

There Was Time For The Biden Administration To Devise An Evacuation Plan

US Intelligence had informed the Biden Administration that the Taliban was beginning to advance across the country many months prior to the pull-out date. That should have resulted in an immediate decision and action plan to evacuate all Americans and all those who helped America and its from Afghanistan long before the US Military evacuated.

Rep. Brian Mast is an American politician and U.S. military veteran who has served as the U.S. Representative for Florida’s 18th congressional district since 2017. He is a Republican.

A veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, Mast lost both of his legs while serving as a U.S. Army explosive ordnance disposal technician in Afghanistan in 2010. He appeared recently on Fox News with host Mark Levin confirming that the White House had ample intelligence to make the necessary decisions allowing for the exit of all Americans and those who helped America before the Military withdrew.

Because this was not done, both Levin and Rep. Mast feel it justified that the President along with many in his cabinet should immediately be relieved of their duties. You may view this discussion at the following link-

President Biden Continues To Avoid Taking Questions About Afghanistan

Instead of trying to show compassion and understanding to the American people at any available opportunity, Biden remains his same old self choosing when and when not to answer questions about Afghanistan.

This happened again recently when he was taking questions at a FEMA news conference. Biden himself volunteered to take questions from reporters, and when Biden gave that reporter permission to ask a question, after leading the question by saying “On Afghanistan”, Biden interrupted and said he would not take questions on Afghanistan and quickly disappeared from the news conference.

The link follows-

Family Members And Friends Of Those 13 Servicemen and Women Killed React

There are many stories about the lives of each of those heroes. They have been posted all over social media as well as the major news outlets. Many of those responses are largely unemotional. But I often wonder what that person must be thinking when they have been watching their President constantly ducking questions from the Press or going off on an extended vacation while the Taliban overrun Afghanistan.

One mother of a Serviceman killed in that terrorist attack refused to wait to be heard. She phoned a talk show host shortly after US Marines came to her front door in the early hours of the morning to inform her that her son had been killed in the terrorist attack.

The following link contains that conversation. Please be advised the language used is very strong-

How Many More Lives Will Be Lost Until Congress Acts?

Had Biden Acted Sooner This All Could Have Been Avoided!!!!

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