Respect your own as you would respect others

Before entering a Muslim mosque it is required, amongst other rules, to remove your shoes and maintain silence and resist using phones. Before entering a church there are also some of them that forbid wearing shoes as well but also demand modesty and no loud talking. They also forbid touching ceremonial objects-even a Bible. Why is this mentioned?

Almost all people, when visiting those religious buildings, will comply with the rules out of respect for that religion even if they are not of that religion themselves. For some reason, the Women of the Wall at a spot that IS holy to their religion ignore the rules. They have no respect for the rules that the place of worship has imposed. I.E. they will respect other people’s religion but not their own.

This writer has no qualms with the WOW wanting to pray with mixed-gender groups or to read the Torah on certain days. However, if that’s what they want they should do so in their own communities and buildings. Why do they have to impose their way on a nationally accepted place that has rules and disrespect them? They wouldn’t dare act that way if they were visiting a government building or even a theater.

The new government will probably forbid groups like WOW to have their services take place as in the past but it will cause animosity amongst secular groups. If WOW had the basic respect amongst its ethics that animosity would never happen.

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M.Ed from a leading U.S. university. English instructor. Former Gabai in U.S. and Israeli synagogues. Lover of Israel. Member of the politically right in Israel.
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