Response to open letter to Gantz and Ashkenazi

Mr. Halevi has shown his true leftist colors through his views. The “right” has not assaulted anyone but is the only authentic movement that seeks to keep Israel as Israeli/Jewish/democratic as possible under a variety of conditions. It’s always very easy to compromise and make concessions to the enemy. It’s much more difficult to stand your ground when fighting for your God-given rights. It’s interesting that those that learn and understand the Torah are usually the ones that will not give up an inch of our holy land. Hence, Dayan gave the keys to the WAQF for Israel’s holiest spot.

Now all will agree that this annexation plan is not the best for numerous and varied reasons. It’s hindsight but there wouldn’t be a problem if Israel had annexed Judea and Samaria immediately after the 6 day war as we did other areas that are not in real dispute today. However, we are being presented a plan today that may be the best we can get at this time. We have the most Israel-friendly president in the White House in history. No one knows what will occur in November’s election. Israel needs to take advantage of the situation as it stands. Let’s not forget that the conditions that the “Palestinians” have to agree to if they want their state is beyond anything that they will accept. Therefore there will be a kind of status quo after annexation. On the other hand, we don’t know what and who will follow Abbas. It’s not likely but there just might be a more moderate leader that will want to make peace with Israel. So we better take what we can get at this time.

In addition, if the Democrats win the white house in November we can be sure that this plan, if not accepted now, will not be available anymore.

Mention is constantly made of the possibility that Jordan may abrogate its peace treaty if annexation takes place. That always brings me to laugh. Jordan needs us so badly that if they were to sever relations with us they would be the big loser and the king will have to find a nice villa to live in somewhere in Saudi Arabia while his country crumbles. So too, the Gulf states will also not present a problem. They have not warmed up their relations with us because they now love us. They have merely opened their eyes to reality. They know how much Israel can help them and also defend them against Iran. No need to worry about Jordan and the Gulf states. Any comments from their mouths are just that-comments.

The overriding issue is that Judea and Samaria belong to the Jews and always has belonged to us. Every scrap of archaeology proves that. These “Johnny come lately” terrorists can’t just walk in and take any part of it.

Israel has to fend for itself. It can’t rely on anyone else. I never can understand fully why Israel always has to “get permission” from other countries to do what it needs to do.

Democrats have made a sharp left turn in the last 3 years and can’t be relied on anymore. It’s Trump and the Republicans that gave us the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem and the Golan and are now ready to give us at least part of Judea and Samaria.

“Black Lives Matter” is a false ideology and is just a front for anti-everything good. Sure black lives do matter but so do all races. Let’s not forget that more black people in the US are murdered by other blacks.

Finally, annexation has absolutely nothing to do with an indicted Prime Minister. Bibi Netanyahu has always dedicated his life to make Israel a great nation and has accomplished exactly that.

The annexation plan is not ideal, by far, but we’re being given an historic opportunity and we need to grab it.

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M.Ed from a leading U.S. university. English instructor. Former Gabai in U.S. and Israeli synagogues. Lover of Israel. Member of the politically right in Israel.
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