Chaim Ingram

Restore our true judges!

It is from a place of profound emotional pain and anguish that I denounce and cry out in protest – as I hope many others are doing –  at the appalling lack of good judgement shown by the members of the divided and divisive Israeli Supreme Court who, at this time when Israel is united at war against the evil forces of Hamas and its bedfellows, have seen fit to open old wounds and divisions by voting, by the slimmest majority, 8-7, to deny an elected government the right to legislate Basic Laws without the court’s approval which it can withdraw on the basis of which it, i.e. the court, deems subjectively to be “reasonable”

The fact that the Supreme Court was evidently divided more or less down the middle in this matter strikes an additional dagger into the heart of the unity that has existed since 7th October and that needs so desperately to be maintained.  Knowing that they were divided, the responsible thing would have been for the judges to refrain from voting.  Indeed the hypocrisy of the Supreme Court beggars belief. On the one hand it condemns the notion that a majority of one in the Knesset could overrule a Supreme Court decision while on the other it proudly proclaims its own simple majority of one as the basis for striking down a clear Knesset resolution. This irresponsibility threatens to drag Israel into political turmoil bordering on anarchy at this most precarious of times.

Words cannot express my horror at the Court’s action. Let us double down in davening, as we do thrice daily,  השיבה שופטינו כבראשונה “restore our (true) judges as in earlier times”.  May G-D help us all!

About the Author
Rabbi Chaim Ingram is the author of five books on Judaism. He is a senior tutor for the Sydney Beth Din and the non-resident rabbi of the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation. He can be reached at