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‘Kerry is asking both Netanyahu and Abbas to make tough, highly charged political decisions that would yield the contours of an eventual peace treaty, creating a Palestinian state alongside Israel.’                 Times of Israel: January 02, 2014

Making tough, highly charged political decisions is nothing new in Israeli administrative circles. Ask Arik Sharon who, were he able to do so, would no doubt confirm the validity of just such a statement.

But with or without tough decisions, the situation in the region may be too far down the line for permanent or even temporary retrieval at this stage.

The decision-making process is now dependent on much finely-balanced judgement, weighing all the pros and cons and sifting through every possible scenario for defects and disadvantages. If any clear decision can ever be made, it will, in all probability, come far too late to deal with issues that have remained without real remedy for decades.

Then an altogether different decision-making process may need to be installed and activated before conditions are allowed to become even more critical than they already are.


Here decisions may still have to be made but the toughest of all will be those decided upon by whosoever still wishes to prolong the conflict. And, generally speaking, since such people are not among the most intellectually gifted in their respective communities, great strides will then be taken to curtail their activities on both sides, rendering their actions effectively redundant in what could easily become a new world order.

Or would you really prefer to see things stand much as they do at present and not look to the possibility of an entirely new tomorrow?

Then the promised land will never be truly yours though you manage to hold onto it for a thousand lifetimes.

There must be a better way, one that dignifies rather than disgraces the motives and destinies of all humankind.







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