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The New Understanding: Post-Secular Pluralism and Universalism!

Retrospect-Prospect-ive Untidy Anti-Anti-Semitic Meditations in Tree-like Shape

Image by MichaelGaida from Pixabay
Image by MichaelGaida from Pixabay

Well, it took the writer a rather long time to finish the long-deferred ‘Hodge Comparisons’ and ‘Brexit Cabal’ online antisemitism exposes, if indeed they truly can be ‘finished.’ And yet, as as per a few days ago: 

There will always be those who say that these blatantly antisemitic tropes are behind the news cycle, and of mere historical interest. But of course, it’s precisely those things that are of mere historical interest, that are inevitably most pertinent to the present day; rather as it’s those things that are most intellectual and abstruse that are most relevant to real life. One of those little mysteries of this world we live in!

It’s a mystery worth repeating.

Oh but wait, what’s all this we’re not hearing about not being self-referential?!

Well, dropping the mask, and speaking in all candidness and plainness of speech:

When a truth bears repeating, it is no longer of us, but takes on its own universality; a universality it already bore within it, but is only now coming to, and in, fruition.

Beware the delectable snares of repetition, but no more nor less so, the constantly gnawing zeal for the unfamiliar, the innovative, and the exotic.

Is Twitter’s hate-mongering naught but a Nietzschean Eternal Return, after the manner of China?

The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been.

Some may say so. And yet, the gossamer breath of quite another wind, gently murmurs in the ear of those who remain as yet not fully suborned, subordinated, superordinaries, in the spirit of the Age:

Ceterum censeo, Babylon Magna delenda est!

For when all is said and done, Shabbat 151b has a certain pungency in an epoch such as this, which often seems so desolate and hopeless.

The truth remains; should it find acceptance or should it not, truth shall stand!

For… a lion does not pounce on two people.

And… this is why it is forbidden to sleep alone!

We do not know all we do not know…

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
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Dr Jonathan Thomas Ferguson is an alumnus of the University of Leeds and King's College London. He is interested in interfaith dialogue, international relations, the Apocalypse of Hope and spiritual matters generally.
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