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Revealing the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia. In the space, on the right site of the Cathedral, the Divine Guru Babaji materialised ethereally and introduced me metaphysically to the essence of Kriya Yoga. Source of the picture: Bulgaria – HTZP

After receiving the vision of the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem in 1982, I felt called to write it down and to share it with the world. The work on this message took about three years and resulted in The Book of Resurrection (manuscript) which interprets the Heavenly Jerusalem, from the visions of the prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel, St. John and other Holy Scriptures, as a majestic cosmic-spiritual Zodiac-Mandala. In it the different spiritual worlds revealed by the world religions are the “mansions in the Kingdom of God”.

The initiations at the four cardinal points formed the main typological structure of the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem. All other initiations gravitate to one or another of these four types depending on their place on the Mandala.

I started working on the description of the initiations at the four cardinal points – the Cosmic Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. For this purpose, I had to merge with the ‘cosmic-spiritual bodies’ of Buddha, Christ, Beinsa Douno and the Holy Spirit (as a Manifestation of Metatron) and to depict all characteristics of the Initiations connected with them. This choice could be a theme for a special discussion and clarification.

Similar to the Buddhist Mandala, the Divine Masters and their Initiations at the four cardinal points (and at all other eight Gates) can be presented in a symbolic form through different spiritual characteristics such as universal direction, earthly manifestation of the Divine Spirit, Feminine Counterpart, element, colour, posture and others. In order to describe the essence of the Initiations at the cardinal points of all three circles of the Mandala (the outer, middle and inner circles), however, I had to introduce many more spiritual characteristics and concepts such as cosmic phase, universal principle, mission, view of earthly life, type of transcendence, spiritual practice, model of the universe, structure of creation, spiritual transformation of the human being, symbol of initiation, sublime state of consciousness and ultimate reality. Then, with the help of all these spiritual characteristics and concepts I presented the various Initiations.

For about three years, almost every day, I began to ascend into higher states of consciousness and to merge with one or another Divine Master, contemplating and writing down the picture of the Universe which they revealed. Initially I wrote four chapters – consecrated to the four cardinal points of the Zodiac-Mandala, i.e. to the cosmic-spiritual Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. They described the Initiations of Buddha, the Lord Jesus Christ, the World Teacher Beinsa Douno and the Holy Spirit (as a Manifestation of Metatron). The work on each one of these Initiations took about five or six months. In order to describe each Initiation, I had to ascend to the Causal World, to merge with the Divine Master in charge of the Initiation and to write down the visions and the insights. This was inspiring but, from time to time, difficult work, especially when I was brought back on Earth unexpectedly by a telephone call or other earthly distractions.

My style of life during these years followed a well-established pattern: getting up in the morning and doing my prayer-meditation, then ascending to the spiritual world of one or another Divine Master, merging with Him and describing his Initiation. At the end of the day I would relax, come ‘back on Earth’ to sleep and the next day – ascending again. In the process of describing the Mandala, my feeling, during those days, was that in the morning I was dying to the earthly life and becoming born to the celestial life, while in the evening it was the opposite – dying to the celestial life and coming back on Earth. At the beginning this process was quite challenging, but in time it became easier.

After two years of intensive work on the four cardinal points I considered my initial main work on the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem completed. I was greatly surprised however when I met a clairvoyant friend who told me: The Heavens are happy with you, but you did not finished your work yet. You have to write another chapter in the Zodiac-Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Knowing how difficult, although inspiring, was the work, I was slightly perturbed. I wondered for a few days what could it be and at some stage an insight came to me: Yes, of course, I have to write about the previous Golden Age and to describe the Initiation of the Lord Krishna. Thus, the Initiation of the Lord Krishna opens the Zodiac-Mandala, while the Initiation of the Holy Spirit (as the particular  Manifestation of Metatron) closes it.

About the Initiation of the Lord Krishna, a few years previously, I had read the inspiring book of Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi, and perhaps the time had come to receive this Initiation. For receiving the Initiation of the Lord Krishna, I had a most amazing ‘ethereal encounter’ with the Divine Guru Babaji Himself. In general, I was working in the Institute of Musicology in Sofia and most of the time I walked from my home to the Institute. The route passed by the main Cathedral in Sofia, St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. One beautiful afternoon the space around the Cathedral changed and to my great surprise the Divine Guru Babaji began to appear on the etheric level. In my inner being I fell on my knees in a state of awe, wonder, love and devotion. The Divine Guru filled a quarter of the sky; he was in the lotus posture, with all seven chakras lit as shining stars. The Light of his chakras began to disclose the secrets of the spiritual worlds with which they were connected. The mystical encounter with Babaji continued for about forty-five minutes and gave me important keys to the essence of Kriya Yoga. I was ecstatic and gave thanks from the depths of my soul.

Amazingly, my ethereal contact with Babaji continued for a few months and developed into a great spiritual romance. I learned a lot about Kriya Yoga, the Hindu spiritual tradition, and with the help of the book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, I wrote the chapter about the Initiation of the Lord Krishna in the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem. It is well known that Babaji, as a Mahavatar, gave Initiation to many spiritual Teachers over the centuries like Shankara, Kabir, Lahiri Mahasaya and others for the fulfilment of their missions. With great joy and appreciation, I could say that the Divine Guru Babaji helped me in fulfilling my task as well!

Altogether, the work on the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem was a great anticipation of the Coming New BuddhaMaitreya. Thankfully, it included the Coming of many other Divine Masters and Personifications of the Divine Feminine. Thus, the New Coming of Buddha Maitreya integrates the whole Kingdom of God with the spiritual realities of the world religions but in the form of a Mandala – a classic form of the Buddhist tradition. This principle of the Second Coming (or Coming) of the Divine Masters is the main key to the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle of existence – all of them reflect the wholeness of Creation, but from their own perspective! In next Posts I will present the New Coming of some Divine Masters, revealing the wholeness of the Kingdom  of God in their own mythology.

In regard to the Gates of the Holy City, after my initial work on the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem was completed, I was able to contemplate and see metaphysically four of its Gates ‘widely open’: the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Christian and the Gate of the Master Beinsa Douno. Also, I saw the Gates of Judaism, Islam and Zoroastrism, but only partly open. At the same time, the twelfth Gate, the Gate of Metatron, lit by the Light of  the Integral Messiah was opening gradually through the Thirty-seven Messages from the Holy Land and the work on the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem. The process of opening the Twelfth Gate had advanced, but a lot more work had to be done! This last Gate is connected with the new cosmic cycle of evolution, with the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth where all twelve Gates will be widely open by the Integral Messiah and humankind will live in the New Golden Age.

The published book in July 2019 – Journey to the Heavenly Jerusalem led by the Light of the Messiah, could direct millions of followers of the world religions in order to enter through their respective Gates to the Holy City and feel as one great spiritual family – God’s people on sacred Earth. For this purpose, however, they have to advance from their earthly religions, go through the ways of their spiritual paths, enter through one or another Gate in the Holy City and gather altogether in the Centre of the City for Holy Communion with the CREATOR!

The complete opening of the Twelfth Gate and receiving the Initiation of Metatron as the Light of the Integral Messiah (which reveals the whole Messianic Line of the new cosmic cycle) required further spiritual development. For this purpose, I had to go to Western Europe and continue my metaphysical and mystical journey. Thanks to my English friends I was able to spend my one-year ‘sabbatical leave’ in London and after that I settled in Ireland.

About the Author
Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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