Ariel Katsev
Co-Founder of JKeyboard

Revolution in Information Space – Jewish Keyboard

It is always hard to create something new…

In these difficult times, when the world is once again witnessing ruthless wars and xenophobia is raising its head, me and my friend wanted to create something that could unite the Jewish people around the world. It was at that moment that a completely unique idea came to us, which had never existed before.

Meet the Jewish keyboard (not Hebrew!).
Jews all over the world live in one cycle: children are born, young people get married, and the previous generation goes to the Garden of Eden…
And for every important event there are words that we use at that moment.
Finally, all these wordings (Mazel tov, Shabbat shalom, etc.) are now in one application!

The application with a keyboard consisting of basic wording is absolutely free – so download it for your interest, use it and share with your friends. If this functionality is not enough for you, then there is the opportunity to sign up for a monthly subscription for $0.99 (or unlimited version for $35.99), where you can find many other Jewish words and phrases. So, for example, it is possible to add Yiddish words, clippings from the Torah, modern everyday Hebrew slang, quotes from Golda Meir (and other historical figures) and many other variations. All words and quotes will be displayed in the language that your iPhone is programmed for (but this can also be changed in the settings of the app). The keyboard is available in three versions: English, Hebrew, Russian.

We would like to note that despite the commercial goal of the project, we will give 10% of the net income in Tzedakah to a variety of Jewish organizations around the world, which can be verified on the project’s social networks.

You can easily download now by this link:

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Ariel Katsev, Co-Founder of JKeyboard, Master of Laws Graduate at the University of Vienna, Young European Ambassador in Ukraine.
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