Elaine Rosenberg Miller

Richard Grenell Made Me Cry

The David Horowitz Freedom Center just completed its 2021 Restoration Weekend conference held at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, FL. The Center has been organizing the Weekends (actually four days) for 20 years (except for Covid canceled 2020). It is an opportunity for supporters from many states to join together to hear some of the leading conservative scholars, analysts and economists. 

Among the speakers were Monica Crowley, Representative Byron Daniels, Miranda Devine, Ambassador Richard Grenell, Victor Davis Hanson, Mollie Hemingway, Senator Ron Johnson, Heather Mac Donald, Colonel Richard Kemp, Congressman Burgess Owens, Jason Whitlock and others.

It is an inclusive group.

Monica Crowley was the luncheon speaker on the first day.

One of the dinner honorees was Andy Ngo, a journalist who covered the Antifa riots in Portland, Oregon and was himself attacked. He told the story of his Vietnamese parents flight from their homeland, their lives as refugees and their ultimate arrival in the U.S. 

Deborah Fancher D’ Souza, a Venezuela immigrant, expertly sang the national anthem. 

Former Ambassador to Germany and Director of Intelligence Richard Grenell told the story of his partner’s grandfather, a World War Two veteran who had been raised on a farm in Ohio and went into combat at age 19. Grenell and his grandson companied him on his first trip to the U.S. cemetery in Normandy, France. Strangers came up to the man and thanked him for his service.

“Why did you do it?” Greene asked, perhaps thinking he would say something about politics, philosophy or the like.

“I wanted to preserve what we had in America for future generations.’

Richard Grenell made me cry.

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