Water, light, Sound & frequency all create Ripples.

These all create waves or a “Ripple Effect”

Tiny waves spread setting off more and more waves.

An effect from an initial state followed and moving outwards – ” to spread ”

I am approaching 7 weeks since my mother, Rebbetzen Yaffa Munk tzl has passed away. Its effects still rippling.

The truth is I have seen and felt such beautiful ripples as well from so many reaching out to us and retelling her extraordinary stories, sharing with people, students, and communities all over the world. This is so meaningful, as at her funeral that was my special bakasha/request that everyone share her stories or their own interactive personal stories to honor this wxtraordinary holy matriarch, who was a Holocaust survivor, and a humble loving woman who truly lived a life of love, joy, and deep faith despite it all.

Recently I was working on a project and came across a  this photo of a solid stone with circles drawn around it in the sand creating visual ripples. This photo was so interesting to me as the stone was solid and grounded, it could withstand nature and time, the ripples were soft yet present, but the wind could blow them away.

My parents ; Rav Yona Munk and Rebbetzen Yaffa Munk tzl are now both deceased.

Sheh Yanuchu B’ Shalom.

They left us  with a special legacy, a special bank account as my son put it, an account full of love, hope, faith and courage, rich history and trans formative stories.

These last few weeks have brought so many touching moments of people reaching out and telling us over and over again: every single place that your parents lived had an effect – they made an impact on each community.

They were orphans and survivors.

My father escaped on one of the last boats out of German invaded Czeckoslavakia in 1939 and entered the Holy Land, at that time Palestina.He joined the Haggana and fought in the 1948 war of Independence.

My mother endured the abominable atrocities of the Holocaust, from ghetto to cattle cars to labor camps,  to concentration camps , to the death march and then leaving Communist Hungary in a clandestine operation to get to the Holy land entering via Atlit prison camp.

Our parents met during the 48 war and married in Tel Aviv.

Our parents found joy in everything, they found love in each other, new life- they always were full of love, hope and faith.

They never forgot their parents nor their past, and they dedicated themselves to the hope of futures, affecting others.

They were educators extraordinaire, and community builders.They infused all with their love for Judaism, Torah, and Eretz Yisrael, both in Israel and in the USA, always strengthening that bridge and you were a Tzioni after they were with you and they were really with you!

So many of their students have come forward, they had  thousands, many are leaders today, each and everyone was important to my parents, they advocated for all and never judged anyone, always with respect.

These former students have connected to us with an e mail ,a call, or an article, sharing stories of inspiration of our parents positive influence on them and how our parents had an effect and brought them to a different level and inspired Aliyah as well.

I recall Reading an article from a well know Principal in NYC., She spent her life’s career running programs for Israel, fund raisers, events, Israel Parades, and more.Two years ago she made Aliyah at age 69, she left everything behind and was asked, why and why now. She said it began years ago as a student in Yeshiva of Flatbush; there were two teachers who had fought in the 1948 war of Independence to establish the State of Israel, those teachers would share their stories and their love for Israel , and that stayed with her, and it was time.

My father was one of those teachers.

WE all have the ability , like my parents, to change the frequency, in a positive way, to bridge gaps, to bring hope, faith and goodness to the world.

Every time you talk to or make time for someone, every time you make a donation, every time you volunteer and do anything kind small or large, you have an effect.

WE can all be a stone that affects change and the waves that spread outward…rippling, and looking outside of ourselves, sharing and giving to others.

Shanah Tova

About the Author
I was an Interior designer for 29 + years and had a parallel path in leadership in the Jewish community. I spent a number of years as a proud lay leader in an amazing outreach organization called Shoresh . I am involved in leadership and development ,mentoring ,and coaching.., non profit development and consulting . I am involved with two organizations in Israel : Afikim family enrichment Center , as they work with youth and families at risk The other being the Taub center , a major think tank for Social and Economic policy in Israel. How pride I am to be engaged with both organizations. Feel free to reach out to me to learn more! I am dedicated to the Jewish community both in North America and in Israel I dedicate much of my creativity to writing and also now am pursuing coaching individuals to clarify and work towards life goals. In the past I have developed and ran experiential programs for the Jewish Federation, where I connected Israelis and locals in our community. At the end of the day, my roots in Israel are very deep. It is the place, the hub the center,The conversation.- our home, the light for all. And I most enjoy inspiring and cultivating that love and connection in others.