Rocks are Politically Correct Guns

Today, yet again we hear about another rock throwing attack on civilians. This has always bothered my how someone can blow themselves up, shoot someone, stab, strangle and rape, and this is considered a crime but taking a brick and throwing at someone who is unarmed, we just look away and shrug.

3, 4 months ago wed all been following the story of 3 year old Israeli girl who was in critical condition for over a month because of a rock throwing incident. And every now and again we hear of another one and another and another one! Sound familiar? This is exactly how the rockets from Gaza started. One happened, everyone thought oh ok, well its just one rocket, then it was two and three and so on, where eventually people just became immune to it. Well I disagree. This cannot carry on any longer.

Picking up a brick and throwing it at someone should be seen as culpable homicide because I don’t think these individuals are doing this to lightly injure the victim. Their intentions are very clear the second they pick up that brick. There’s not even a justification to any of these crimes committed yet they are not even seen as serious offences.

It bothers me that in a society with such hate and crime that because the person is not using a gun or bomb he gets of lightly. I think that these individuals need to be arrested and face full length of the legal system and be tried as a murderer so that innocent people are able to walk around or get un a bus and not fear that while they are walking, or driving a brick is not going to come flying and smash them in the face.

The words never again just make me want to vomit as what do they really mean, who do they stand for and why does anyone even say them. When we speak about Never Again it should be for the intent that no longer will people face persecution, violence, hatred and abuse. We should be free to live together as a nation and not divided as enemies. We are all made in image of Hashem, we all have free choice and when we die we all go the same place. So why can’t we live amongst each other happily?

Unfortunately as time goes on these questions become almost unanswerable because the more we strive for peace, the more weapons and violence takes place. Looking back 2000 3000 years ago when we were slaves in Egypt, our fore father would be ashamed of us to see that they were freed from slavery and persecution and all society did was bring it back.
In these tough times we need to remember that we are one Jew. When we are persecuted, hated upon and terrorised, they done care what hat you wear, they done care how dark or light your skin is, they couldn’t care less what Shul you’re a member of or how much money you donate. They look at you because you’re Jewish. We need to stand up not only for ourselves, but for the rest of the world and say that we stand for justice and morality. We need to look at Egypt and Syria, look at turkey and in France and all these African countries and stand up for the people who do not have a voice. As a Betari I must express that even as a right wing movement out founder Ze’ev Jabotinsky stood for equality and gave this famous quote:

“From the wealth of our land there shall prosper The Arab, the Christian, and the Jew.”

Tel chai
Gary Aberman

About the Author
Gary Aberman is the heart of Zionist youth in South Africa, breaking the news first and getting rid of the lies. He forms part of Betar and is on a mission, to show the world how great Israel is and why he has such a love for the country he calls home.