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Roger Waters, stop stalking Scarlett Johansson

The 'old codger' should leave Scarlett alone and go learn the true causes of Palestinian suffering

Anti-Semite Roger Waters is back, this time rebuking Scarlett Johansson for her bravery in defending SodaStream, an Israeli company that employs nearly 1000 Arabs in its Maale Adumim plant. Roger, the washed up “old codger,” by his own admission, is becoming a bit of a stalker. “In the past days I have written… to Scarlett Johansson (a couple of times). Those letters will remain private. Sadly, I have received no reply… And so I write this note on my Facebook page somewhat in bewilderment.”

Be not confused, my friend, Roger. No doubt Ms. Johansson has ignored many a stalker before you, especially when they purport to write about politics while admitting they’re becoming a bit too emotionally invested. “I confess I was somewhat smitten,” he said. “There’s no fool like an old fool.”

Ah, words of wisdom at last, to which we might add, there’s no more loathsome a fool than a Jew-hating one. Besides, Roger, Scarlett, at 29, is a full 40 years young than you. Perhaps you ought to be smitten by someone in at least the same generation.

I’ve already written a column about Waters’ stomach-turning comparison of Israel with the Nazis, made so much more offensive to me in the week that I have returned from Auschwitz, where I joined the Knesset, and the remnants of the Warsaw ghetto.

Waters ought to visit. The crematoria of Auschwitz might just soften his rancid heart. Perhaps if he were to visit the place where thousands of Jews were gassed to death every day he might understand how vile his comparison of the victims to their murderers is.

Perhaps walking, as I did, in deep snow, freezing to the bone, along the fence of the electric-wired death camp where the lucky Jews were warehoused like vermin his stone-cold heart might thaw as he contemplated how anyone without shoes could have survived more than a few days.

From there he might travel to Warsaw, as I did, to Umschlagplatz, the square from which 300,000 Jews were deported from the ghetto to their deaths in Treblinka. The photo and film archive of Emanuel Ringelblum, at the Jewish Historical Institute (site of the Grand Synagogue Library), might disturb even a bully like Waters. The discarded bodies that dotted the streets of the ghetto are haunting enough. But perhaps the pictures of children walking in rags, barefoot in the snow, begging for a scrap of bread, emaciated to the bone might awaken a tiny hint of light in his otherwise dark, fetid soul. Perhaps that would prevent him from trivializing the murder of six million Jews, including 1.5 million children.

As for Scarlett Johansson, she is a bonafide hero, the first Hollywood star known to me who stood up proudly for Israel against the BDS movement.

That’s because no doubt she is aware that BDS is not about protecting Palestinians but about good old Israel and Jew-hatred. If it were about protecting Palestinians its first target would be the terrorist Hamas regime in Gaza which aids and abets honor killings of young Palestinian women just for having boyfriends, regularly murders homosexual men on the false charges of collaboration with Israel, and regulary puts to death Palestinian citizens without judicial process.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has condemned Hamas for “serious violations of international law,” and cited Judge Richard Goldstone to the effect that its attacks on Israeli civilains constitued “war crimes and possible crimes against humanity.” HRW has also described the blatant use of torture by Hamas to extract confessions from 22 individuals who were then prosecuted under Hamas’s corrupt judicial system. Just recently, in April of last year, Hamas executed three men for various supposed crimes. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights condemned these killings, pleading that such actions by Hamas must stop and requesting that all further executions be commuted. It described the killings as a “grave and unjustified violation of the right to life and a form of torture and cruel and inhumane treatment.” It added that “the persistence of unfair trials made the executions particularly egregious.” Amnesty International charged that the men “were executed after sentences issued and ratified by military and criminal courts in Gaza which fail to meet international fair trial standards.”

Hamas, which has a genocidal charter calling for the murder of Jews whereever they may be found, also indoctrinates children in vicious anti-Semitism while regularly threatening with death those who are not Muslim.

The New York Times reported in 2004 that “the Palestinians are already the world’s largest per capita recipients of international aid.” So why is there such squalor in Gaza? Because Hamas uses humanitarian aid not to build hospitals and schools for Palestinians but to buy bombs and rockets to kill Jews in Israel. This is aside from the blanket corruption in the Palestinian Authority itself that saw Yasser Arafat die a billionaire.

As for SodaStream, it employs 500 Palestinians and 400 Arabs from Eastern Jerusalem. Its Maale Adumim factory in the West Bank offers both a mosque and a synagogue, and Jewish and Arab employees share the company cafeteria together. The company being condemned by good old Roger feeds more Palestinian families than Roger could hope to meet. As SodaStream CEO, Daniel Birnbaum, stated in an interview with Arab publication Al Monitor, “We practice equality and full cooperation both on the job and off it.”

Of course, if Roger disagrees and still finds it hard to suppress the anti-Semitism that bubbles (pun intended) forth, he could just accept my invitation to a public debate on Israel. When asked a few months back, he told The Guardian that he doesn’t know me, but that he stands by his accusations against Israel, which are apparent to all. Perhaps. But then it should be easy to win a public debate.

Until then, while you cower behind your Facebook page, Roger, we’ll just assume that your latest diatribe against Israel is just another brick in the wall.

Until then, while you cower behind your Facebook page, Roger, we’ll just assume that your latest diatribe against Israel is just another brick in the wall.


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