Romney’s visit

There is a clear distinction between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in respect to the degree to which they would support Israel. Consider Obama’s actual performance as President, 1. His visit to Cairo in 2009 to give a pro-Arab speech (Islam has made major contributions to American history??); 2. His opposition to Israeli settlements and his support for the Palestinians by calling for an Israeli building freeze on the West Bank (that led to the PA’s refusal to negotiate); 3. His ill-treatment of Israeli PM Netanyahu in 2010 by making him enter the White House by the back door and making him wait; 4. An attempt to develop friendly relations with Iran (predictably a complete diplomatic failure); 5. His failure to visit Israel during his whole term; 6. His policy of always calling for Israeli concessions and gestures while never putting pressure on the Palestinians; 7. His policy of placating the new President of Egypt and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders, 8. His tendency to have aides who are linked to radical Muslim politics. Perhaps the major failure of Barack Obama is allowing there to be diplomatic distance between the US and Israel in order to curry favor with Arab and other Muslim states. If you think this pattern is perfectly acceptable for a US President then you are failing to acknowledge the fact that Obama is the least friendly President towards Israel in US history.

Mitt Romney is visiting Israel now and yesterday gave a major foreign policy address in Jerusalem. His main theme was that Israel is a major ally of the US and if he is President he will support Israel diplomatically as well as with military and intelligence cooperation. He will also support Israel if its Government finds it necessary to attack Iran’s nuclear sites as a last resort, namely after diplomacy and sanctions have failed to work to deter Iran’s nuclear weapons program. This is music to Israeli ears, and unless you think this statement is purely designed to obtain Jewish votes and he is not sincere in his intentions, then you must admit that there is a clear distinction between Obama and Romney in the extent of their support for Israel.

We in Israel face an existential threat from Iran, not only do they regularly declare their hatred for Israel and Jews and regularly threaten to “wipe Israel off the map,” but they have made a mockery of the 10 year long diplomatic process trying to persuade them to stop their nuclear enrichment program. We are fast approaching a time when a decision has to be made, whether to attack Iran and destroy its capability or live with a nuclear-armed Iran. Such a nuclear-armed Iran is certainly not in US interests, but the question is whether or not the US will act, and/or support Israel if Israel acts. The choice is clear, Obama will not act and will not support Israel if Israel acts, while Romney says that he will. Those of you who read this and are American Jews should know that you face an ominous choice. Please vote for Romney and give Israel a greater chance for survival. If you make the wrong choice then there is no going back.

About the Author
Jack Cohen was born in London and has a PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge University. He moved to the US and worked at the National Cancer Inst. and then Georgetown Medical School. In 1996, he Moved to Israel and became Chief Scientist of the Sheba Medical Center. He retired in 2001 and worked as a Visiting Professor at Hebrew University Medical School for 5 years.