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Rosemary Tips and Recipes and Introducing Fleishigs with Cindy’s Corners

Rosemary Tips and Recipes and Introducing Fleishigs With Cindy’s Corners

Bundles of Rosemary In My Own Kitchen


There is nothing more seasonal than a sprig of Rosemary. It’s so versatile and can be used in every course for a Shabbos meal, dairy menu and last minute gathering. Rosemary is used as a symbol of remembrance, friendship, loyalty and love.

First of all, Rosemary is an herb. Many people confuse herbs with spices. Here’s a brief summary to explain the difference. Herbs, like rosemary, come from the leafy and green parts of the plant. Spices are parts of the plant other than the leafy bits such as the root, stem, bulb, bark or seeds.

Next, rosemary is much more than an ingredient. It makes a great skewer, garnish and you can tie it around napkins as rings, and can enhance the smells in any room as a natural air freshener.

Rosemary is used in salads, soups, it tops roasted meats and vegetables and takes desserts to the next level.

Use rosemary in your ice for water infused with lime and cucumber or your favorite happy hour specials that include vodka, tequila, whiskey and bourbon. It is very easy to infuse rosemary into simply syrup recipes.

My Jewish Star Ice Cubes Featuring Rosemary

Here are some recipes, popular this time of the year:

Cindy’s Corners Blueberry Rosemary Baked Brie

Brie Cheese Wheel
Pint fresh blueberries or 1 12oz bag frozen blueberries
Zest of one orange
2tbsp blueberry jam. (I use sugarfree or low sugar)
1tbsp honey

In a pot, boil all but a handful of blueberries and everything else until you have a thick sauce.
When cooled, pour over Brie cheese and slow bake at 350* until Cheese is melted.
Take out of oven, decorate too with remaining berries and rosemary sprigs.

Chocolate Rosemary Combinations

Rosemary and Chocolate are an amazing combination. At this time of year, they both go well with all the pumpkin spice combinations we use.

Here are two desserts, a cookie and a mousse. I adapted my versions from these recipes. I used almond flour, as I prefer the texture. I also use Parve chocolate chunks I break from bars.

I also tried several recipes for rosemary infused chocolate mousse. I actually made this Parve using margarine and also including a teaspoon of bourbon infused vanilla. I served it with a chocolate Jewish Stars I made and a rosemary sprig. There were no leftovers.

Rosemary lasts when stored correctly. Here is a simple, inexpensive storage box for herbs I bought at my local kitchen supply store for less than $5.00.

A New Kosher Magazine

I recently interviewed Shifra and Shlomo Klein, journalists and foodies known internationally for their takes on kosher food about their new venture, Fleishigs.

Fleishigs magazine is the newest kosher food magazine to hit the foodie scene, brought to you by Shlomo & Shifra Klein, the team behind Bitayavon & Joy of Kosher magazines. Each month Fleishigs will produce a new issue & feature well researched articles, triple tested recipes, by experts in the field. More then a collection of recipes, Fleishigs will become your handbook for all things meat so you can cook with chef-level confidence.

A Peek Inside Fleishigs Magazine

The magazine is geared towards anyone who loves to cook and appeals to men and women, and even teenagers and kids who enjoy eating good food.

Klein answered the following questions:

What made you decide to publish a magazine focusing on meat?
We are working on the Jamie Geller brand with positions as culinary director and director of marketing and sales. While doing so we decided to also get back into publishing and produce a new, fresh kosher food and lifestyle magazine but specialize in a specific area. There is no publication or even website dedicated completely to kosher meat and poultry, and our mission is to share solid, well-researched information, recipes, and stories that can not be found anywhere else including pareve sides and desserts.
What trends are you seeing in the kosher meat world?
People are getting into prime beef, aged meats and gourmet cuts while also going back to the old classics (actually causing cheap meats to skyrocket due to demand). Each issue will focus on a comprehensive guide to a specific cut of meat. In the first issue, the column Butcher’s Cut delves into demystifying various cuts of meat, the column culinary school focuses on everything you need to know about knives.  The second issue covers the Chuck eye and info about frying.

What will my nonkosher followers be interested in?
The magazine appeals to all people interested in cooking and eating good food regardless of ethnicity. Being kosher ourselves ensures there are no meat and dairy dishes, however we use plenty vegan dairy options some of which taste better than the real thing.  

When is your next issue coming out and what can we look forward to?
Our Chanukah/December issue has just come out and this month we talk frying with Judd’s Memphis Kitchen, Chef Isaac Bernstein’s Chanukah Party, this year’s best holiday gifts, an exclusive sit-down with guest-editor and James Beard Foundation’s best chef Michael solomonov of Zahav restaurant & Cookbook, & of course, all things latkes 

How can my followers purchase subscriptions and copies?  Is it available internationally. – the magazine comes out every month and is shipped worldwide

Last week, I shared some diet tips and did not credit the nutritionist correctly. Dr. Lisa Young shared the tips.

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