Civil disobedience for dummies

A thought – since the “social justicers” seem hell-bent on creating a fuss, rather than setting out on a long-term campaign for genuine change – something that might require them to define goals and priorities and even worse, make choices – they would do well to brush up on civil disobedience tactics.

I find it difficult to believe that not a single member of the social justice movement has ever studied martial arts. Perhaps they could bring in an independent consultant to explain certain principles of physical resistance – the most important being that if people (police, for the sake of argument) want to move you to someplace you don’t want to go, you’ll make it far more difficult for them by remaining still.

Don’t believe me? Try it. Have a friend volunteer to play a protester and try to move him or her from one side of the room to another, while they “resist.”

Now, have the same friend sit or lie down. Not tense, but limp – like a sack of potatoes. Now try to move him or her to the other side of the room. Difficult, isn’t it? It would take 2 to 4 police officers to haul out every demonstrator who adopted this tactic. Now, picture it – Rabin Square, filled from one side to another with members of the movement just lying there. There is not enough police manpower to combat a scenario like this.

It would be a great photo op, but ultimately pointless. Sound familiar?








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Noga Martin has worked for The Jerusalem Post,, and Ynetnews and is now an editor at a publishing company. She lives in south Tel Aviv and has been blogging for the Times of Israel on a myriad of topics since July 2012.