Russia should be reappointed to the UNHRC but it should be renamed.

Russia loses its seat on the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC). Now this may be the funniest tragedy of the year. You see, the UNHRC is truly the bastion of states where human rights, including women’s rights, gay rights, and freedom of speech are truly and fundamentally observed. Such states include China, Cuba, Venezuela, Pakistan, Malaysia, Somalia, and Qatar.  This agency also has a permanent item on its agenda to condemn Israel, the only human rights observing democracy in the Middle East.

The tragedy is that the President of the United States thinks that the US has a role to play in this corrupt organization and that removing Russia from the UNHRC is of any importance. The only people he will fool with this gesture are those fools that know nothing about the UNHRC, its members, and its agenda.

If the United Nations were truly interested in human rights, the Council would have very few members and certainly not the ones currently serving. Because of the current makeup of the Council I would suggest renaming it the UN Human Disenfranchisement Council and Russia should be reinstated as a board member.

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