Russian plan from hell

There is a new plan to halt the Syrian civil war Russia is circulating, with John Kerry’s blessings, which would award a ceremonial presidency to the suspect Syrian opposition while the mass murderer Assad retains the defense and security portfolios. Gee whiz, can someone quickly show me where do I sign?

As ISIL grows and more sympathizers around the world follow in its footsteps, this Lilliputian answer Russia is advancing, with Iranian support, will not weaken ISIL, but rather it will empower it further. Assad is a road kill the whole world must surely realize by now is the source of all the terror in Syria and beyond. He is the source of ISIL. For Obama and Kerry to acquiesce to another Russian demand on Syria is utterly irresponsible. This will complicate matters on Syria, not take it off their table.

Who will guarantee the security of a powerless Syrian president now that the new power center is in the hands of Assad the defense minister? Who will guarantee the security of Lebanese politicians who have opposed Assad during the civil war? With such immense powers, fed by the security and defense machines of Russia and Iran, this plan comes straight from hell.

The legitimate Syrian opposition to Assad (Not talking about the MB here) is assailing such chicanery by Putin because it sees this plan as a shift of titles only. As the Vice-President and Defense Ministers of Syria were ceremonial at best for the last 44 years of Assad rule, with this plan, we are trading one portfolio with another with the same horrific actors who initially caused this civil war still in play. Are we supposed to sing Halleluiah to this plan?

The Syrian people are not stupid. They know that once this civil war is halted, it will be hard to re-start when Assad goes back to his old murderous ways. This is why the legitimate Syrian opposition is unwilling to accept this Russian plan from hell. If Assad accepts it, which he already has dropped hints he would, this is a sure sign we should avoid it like the pest.

In response to the plan, Assad told SANA, the official Syrian press agency, the following:

“We are positive towards the Russian efforts aimed at finding a political solution to the crisis”

If Obama, Kerry, Putin, and Khamenei think this plan will sway the Arab and Muslim people from supporting ISIL and would provide an answer to eradicating its terror, they are sorely mistaken. Neither of them understands the Arab street well enough to grasp this reality. If you really want ISIL dismembered, hold Assad accountable for his crimes, and you will see the Syrian people feeling franchised, which would lead us out of this messy and miserable war to a better place for all. Assad has been and will always be the magnet for all violence and terror.

A more sensible plan would be to ship Assad to The Hague where he belongs and to offer the defense portfolio to the minorities of Syria to guarantee the safety of ALL Syrians and not to abuse power as Assad surely would do. Security apparatuses, historically responsible for everyday abuse and oppression, must remain in the hands of a sane Syrian president unwilling to see his people suffer. Logic and common sense will defeat ISIL, not some plan from hell hatched by those who have supported Assad and watched him gas women and children.

For this sensible plan to take hold, we need real leaders in power. Both Obama and Kerry do not answer to this call.

The world community must suppress its desire to halt the Syrian war to convenience itself temporarily from the wrath of ISIL. It will not happen as long as Assad remains a fixture in the lives of Syrians. Instead, we should remove him as a doctor removes a bad tooth from a patient now suffering from a deadly, but treatable, gum disease called ISIL.

Syrians would rather suffer another two years of a senseless Obama presidency for a new US president to act courageously than suffer again for another 40 years of Assad terror.