Sacrifices, Burdens, or Accepting Challenges to Dream and Build

This past week there has been a flood of op-eds, blog posts, and comments about the sacrifices of living in Israel.

News reports on the radio have gone on endlessly about sharing the “burden.”

But what about dealing with challenge and working for the good of community?

Why do some people take what they get and go with it to make the world better and others just become another member of the Complainglo Club?

Accepting what life offers as a challenge, dreaming and building to make the world a better place. Shouldn’t that be everyone’s goal?

image Swim for Sadna swimathon acorss Kinneret

Last week was Swim4Sadna, an annual swim-a-thon for women. This year the event attracted 300 participants, aged 9-78 years old, who swam across the Kinneret.

The challenge this year was to raise money for a Holistic Animal Therapy Center for Sadnat Shiluv B”Emuna, a special school for young people with special educational needs.

image Kinneret swimmers at sunrise

Shortly after dawn, the women entered the water for their swim, but there was much more.

Sea of Galilee swimmers.

This was not a race. Swimmers waited and rested on stops in the water  to swim together and to support each other, some were in organized teams.

swimathon in Kinneret

The crazy idea of one woman who wanted to help her son’s school has grown to a community, from 200 women last year to 300 this year.

Facing a challenge, conquering the Kinneret, may not be your thing.

But if all complainers dreamed up just one crazy idea and built something from it, how much better this world would be!












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