‘Sail on, Silver Girl, Sail on by…

South African minister: “The Palestinian struggle is our struggle.”             Times of Israel: November 2, 2013.

Whichever way you stack the chips, Israel does appear to be losing out on the PR front these days, certainly as far as South Africa sees it.

Now that in itself may be water off a ducks back to most Israelis but it does typify an attitude, a way of thinking about the situation that has been gaining ground of late in not a few corners of the world.

Israelis, it seems, may have been handed the role of the guys in the black hats with the pencil-thin mustaches, hereinafter and collectively known as ‘the baddies.’ The Palestinians, as titular underdogs when military, political and economic fields are taken into account, have had the opposite mantle, that of ‘the goodies’ bestowed upon them. This is mainly because much of the world has identified with what has long been their demonstrably subjugated position.

Now this state of affairs can be intellectually chopped and diced time and time again but the net result would still appear to portray Israelis as ‘heavies’ in the matter. For a nation with aspirations of a manifest destiny and a God-given mission to fulfill, this is never going to be a good look.

So, can this image be improved, turned around, burnished to a brilliance far higher than the somewhat lacklustre sheen so often remarked upon in the Star of David?

Perhaps it’s time to change the brand of polish that Israel has been using all these years and make provision for a clean-up act of more than exemplary character.


…your time has come to shine.’

Or must this always remain just a bridge too far?


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