Saudi-Israel Normalization Must Resume

SAUDI-ISRAEL NORMALIZATION is the most important political process in the history of the Middle-East. If it become successful in its goals and objectives, the implications for the whole world will be transformational, in at least three domains:economy, religion and politics.

The greatest beneficiary of the Saudi-Israel normalization, from the view of the Western world order, would be the state of Israel. Furthermore, even the West itself would gain enormous security gains from this normalization, as would Israel.

I think it is time to briefly unpack this phenomenon a bit more—since it is an important concept to correctly comprehend.

The main reason radical Islamic terrorists give for committing their atrocities across the world—not just in the Middle East—is the issue of Israel. They maintain that in their view since Israel is an illegitimate state occupying Palestinian land, therefore Muslims have a right to assist their fellow Muslims being oppressed in places like Gaza and the West Bank. This understanding serves as the theological and jurisprudential justification for launching terror attacks on Israelis and Westerners around the globe.

However, if the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the custodian of the two holiest mosques in Islam, accepts the state of Israel as a legitimate state, this would mean that the most important and the richest Islamic nation has accepted the Jewish state of Israel in the heart of the Islamic world.

Consequently, the theological basis of terror attacks would forever be removed from the hearts and minds of moderate Muslims—as well as radical terrorists. True, some factions within the Islamic world would still reject the state of Israel—but they would be a minority and would certainly lack the confidence of the current pre-normalization claim that the ‘entire ummah i.e., the global Islamic community is opposed to Israel’ since if and when the Saudi kingdom accepts the state of Israel, the rest of the Islamic world would by default have also accepted the state of Israel.

In fact, even if the rest of the Islamic world does not accept Israel formally, the Saudi acceptance in formal agreement de facto implies that the rest of the Muslims, the global ummah has informally accepted Israel. But we should not be surprised if following the Saudi-Israel normalization process all of the Islamic world immediately sought diplomatic, economic and security ties with the state of Israel, since they would finally have an excuse to pursue their national interests without the guilt of being first or the most important Muslim country to accept Israel.

This would be the dawn of a better future for the world, especially for Israel and the West, since terrorism would go down substantially, trade and business would increase between the West and the Islamic world, and particularly between Israel and Saudi Arabia, the tourism to Israel from the Islamic world would bring billions of dollars in revenue from sales to these tourists as well as them paying for transport costs, additional taxes etc.

Also, the cultural exchange as a result of the increased tourism and other economic exchanges, would result in a better educational and historical comprehension of the Judeo-Christian perspective on the Holy Land of Israel, as well as the Prophets of Israel for the Muslims. This is another additional positive consequence for the state of Israel, as the stories of the Prophets, the ancient Israelite narrative etc. would be given a fair hearing for the first time in history to non-Judaic and non-Western Semitic and non-Semitic races and civilizations.

The increased cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the state of Israel, will profoundly influence the entire region of the Middle East, and the rest of the Islamic world, to the advantage of Israel, and the West.

Fundamentally speaking, the advantages to the Western world would be primarily, in the domains of security and economics, and self-evidently the state of Israel will reap an enormously huge harvest, not like anything in the world.

Additionally, in the domains of education, culture and sports, there will be a positive leap in the development of greater transmission of Western education and ways of seeing the world, into the Islamic world at large, leading to a supportive role in strengthening Western and Israeli security because of the reduction of space for radical terror-oriented Islamic concepts.

The greater transmission of Judeo-Christian values, principles, and ideas i.e., Biblical education, to the Arab world, and the rest of the Islamic world, would increase the importance and relevance of Western economic interests, and the cultural claims of the Western world would gain traction, and prominence.

In terms of an equation, it is like this: greater transmission of Biblical education into the Islamic world equals greater economic and political and security benefits to the Western world.

One final important observation to make: the Saudi-Israel normalization will seismically change the nature of the Arab Israeli conflict, and the history of the Islamic world in a fundamental way forever. This is how important the normalization process is, and why it must be conducted even in the midst of a war, and furthermore the ramifications, including in the sector of security and especially when it comes to security will earth-shattering. The clash of civilizations will cease if Saudi Arabia and Israel establish formal diplomatic relations and mutually recognize the sovereignty and statehood of both Islamic and Judeo-Christian superpowers in the heart of the Islamic world.

About the Author
Zalghi Khan is a former investment banker, who is currently training to become an accountant. He is the author of ten books, and specializes in economics, finance, and geopolitical issues. For him it is important to provide convincing answers to pressing questions, especially as it relates to global economic matters.