Save a life, save a world in 40 seconds

What can you do in 40 seconds? 

Send a text? Boil a kettle? Run for a bus?

How about save a life?

I want to put things into perspective here.

When we are young, we don’t really know dangers. We aren’t sure what fear is. We don’t know about illness. We live life on the edge.

How about innocence related to love. When we are young, we are loved. We absorb love. We give off love. We are assisted all of the time by others, out of pure want to help and love us unconditionally. Our parents’ lives are revolved around us. We are their worlds.

How about innocence related to sickness? If we don’t feel well, we are looked after. We are given the best care, to ensure we are healthy again.

What happens when these parents’ ‘world’ becomes too sick? Their lives change.
Sadness, worry, heartache, pain.

Picture this, a 3-year-old boy’s parents have been told he has cancer.
Blood cancer.

In order for him to survive, a match will need to be found for him. Matching HLA.
People need to be added to the registry.



Willing to donate if and when they get the call.

This will take time, energy, money. The clock is ticking, and the parents, with all their love, can only do so much.

But, what if people are already doing this?

Already added to the registry.

Already swabbed.

Already tested.

Already willing and maybe even waiting, to save a life.

This isn’t a wish list. It is a list, a registry, that already exists. The Gift of Life Marrow Registry is there for this little boy, and for thousands of others that will be diagnosed with blood cancer or a blood related disease in which their only hope may be a perfect match.

People all over the world are adding themselves to their country’s registry because they want to be the one! To save a life. Lives like a little 3-year-old boy, a grandmother with 15 grandchildren! A college student who got bad news while studying for finals. They, us, we are there in the registry for everyone to have a second chance at life. To be someone’s cure. Someone’s answer to the bad news.
Remember when I asked about 40 seconds? That’s all it takes to be the change. To give the chance. To make a difference.

IT TAKES 40 SECONDS! A simple cheek swab.

You can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. His parents have hope. This innocent little boy, who is loved so much, has hope. He hasn’t had long to make an impact on the world, but already it is huge! Because of people like him, others are being driven to want to save lives. Because they can!! It is so simple.
So what happens now?


This little innocent life can now continue. Because of one person and 40 seconds. His parents can now put their worry, sadness, heartache and pain to one side. They can concentrate on their love for him. He does not deserve anything but this and happiness. He can now continue his life and share his story with others. Inspiring them to do a simple thing and SWAB. To take 40 seconds out of their lives. Those 40 seconds you might have used to do something like send a text or to run for that bus. Yes, that is all it takes!!

One day, you could save a life. Just like his was saved.

Based on a true story.

About the Author
Minna Swindon is an olah hadasha from London, currently working with Gift of Life Israel. She is passionate about helping others.
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