Screaming our prayers

Within ten minutes of receiving my BDS Blog, two non Jewish friends -one Catholic and one Protestant who both worry that Christianity is in peril- acknowledged that Jews are just the canaries in the coal mine and whatever plans the woke extremists have for Jews, they’ll impose on any who seek religion outside of the woke dictates. I then received two emails from two liberal Jews asking me to stop fear mongering.

Go figure…

I told my liberal Jewish friends their responses echo the responses of Jews in Germany one hundred years ago and we all know how that turned out for more than just Jews.

I feel as if conservatives are screaming into a liberal storm that is so loud no one can hear us. Those who do hear, have said that the cancel culture is just a pendulum swinging to the left that will swing back again. When I tell them that the pendulum is about to hit Jews first (even liberal Jews) and then others, and knock us out for the count….they think I’ve gone off my rocker.

Cancel culture, intolerance in the name of social and political correctness, will make what I’m going to suggest cancellable. So be it. If my enemies hate what I’m saying enough to cancel me, I’m glad I’ve struck a nerve.

Racial equality as the basis of the woke agenda is equivalent to the love of America being the basis of the KKK or Proud Boys’ agenda. Motherhood and apple pie slogans are great starting points but lead to bad outcomes in the hands of dangerous people, who choose to hijack those starting points and add sinister acts to achieve terrifying ends.

To just accept starting points as the whole package, to define BLM as a “movement” for racial equality, is as shortsighted as accepting The Proud Boys and the KKK as “movements” that love America.

Liberal discussions and writings about BLM and the woke “movements”, just as far right tolerance for The PBs and The KKK, don’t take all of the moving parts of the extremes of such “movements”.

The reason I put “movement” or “movements” in quotes is because glittering the moving parts (which may contain terroristic agendas) and calling the sum of those parts a “movement” or “movements” (because there may be “very find people on both sides”) doesn’t make the “movement” or “movements” golden.

Centrists supporting the racial equality starting point of wokeness and centrists supporting the “we love America” trope of extreme right groups, have voluntarily put blinders on. Those blinders keep the centrists from seeing that the extremists of woke “movements” and the extremists of we love America “movements” are moving toward nefarious ends without brakes, each set to destroy democracy, by different means.

Their rallying cries for politically and socially correct change are based upon the shifting sands of time. We all need to keep up with the times, embracing some ideas and discarding others. But while we’re keeping up, we also all need to be careful that the shifting sands don’t contain sink holes that pull us so far in that there’s no escape route.

With history as our back lighting, before supporting a group or cause or “movement”, that touts it’s brand of a perfect world, we need to look at the group’s complete agenda.

Coming back to my BDS warnings about the Woke alt left “movement”: please read the references I’ve written about in my other blogs and please add the following that has occurred this past week to that list:

the October 19, 2020, Tablet Magazine article about blatant anti semitism, disguised as “protection” against Israeli militarization, now happening in Durham, NC,

last week’s attacks on Orthodox Jews on the streets of Brooklyn, New York,


AOC’s very recent anti Semitic statement, sent (through her spokesperson, rather than facing the cameras on this one), when asked about the two Israelis, who helped jump start AOC’s career: the spokesperson replied, “the names [of those two Jews] don’t ring a bell”.

That anti Semitic humdinger of a bell ringer should ring an alarm to all, especially liberal Jews, with ancestors who lived and died in this horror movie before, the words of John Dunne that: “The bell tolls for thee”…..

Since, under totalitarianism, Jews have always been the canaries in the coal mine, the bell will then toll for any, of other religions or intelligent thought who will be seen as, per Pelosi, “enemies of the state” because they chafe against shoveling the coal, as all good slaves of the state are expected to do. From there, the bell will toll for those who are burdens to the state, including mental and physical ones, from conception to old age.

If centrists and liberals see the screaming of conservatives as insanity, my answer is that I see the screaming as a very sane form of warning, in an insanely dangerous coal mine, filling up with gas, making us sleepy enough to sleep and then die through the danger. That’s why the canaries are tweeting so loud for you to get out and to take them with you.

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