Seasons in the Sun

‘Meeting between negotiators Monday and/or Tuesday reportedly devolves into shouting match and ends without results’                                                  Times of Israel: November 6, 2013

Now that Mr. Kerry has arrived in Israel hotfoot from Washington and several points west, is he, once again, about to weave his subtle brand of magic in order to rescue the current Israeli-Palestinian dialogue from imminent collapse?

But just how often can this creature be brought back from the dead?

Will the promise of even greater economic largesse lead, on this occasion, to the reanimation of these discussions?

Can the scope of negotiations be opened up to expedite all those issues presently confounding the brightest and the best in so many of the corridors of power?

Is it possible to introduce more stability into the talks, something that will prevent them losing cohesion and direction every time major setbacks and sticking points occur?

What else can be done to grease the wheels of this lumbering juggernaut, a vehicle that grinds to a halt at almost every one of the obstacles so liberally strewn in its path?

Getting things going afterwards takes years and progress of any sort can generally be reckoned only in terms of baby steps; not one giant leap forward has ever been recorded in all the meetings, assemblies and conferences that have taken place since such get-togethers began,  As to the present, nothing of note seems poised to challenge this woefully poor failure rate. Even the indefatigable US Secretary of State must sometimes wonder if he’s not doing more harm than good by adding his support to so prickly and yet so lacklustre an undertaking.

There is definitely a requirement here for moving matters along at a much faster pace, taking that giant leap for mankind which might then provide every one of us with some well overdue seasons in the sun.

The key to solving this riddle must be to deal ever in absolutes, to allow certainties to dominate. Doing less will always be unworthy of us; doing more is beyond even our wildest dreams.

About the Author
Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .