Security is in my love.

The turmoil in the world may alarm you baby, but my arms are for you. Bark enemies do but bite they cannot through my shield. Nations spy on each other, paranoia reigns. Accusations will fly but they will not alight on you sweet darling. Who can you trust? In my love is peace, my kisses are everlasting. I will cover you with the corner of my blanket and gently caress your pearls.

it was so good to relax on the deck
faithful cat purring at my feet
been heavy week, but i smiled
on the deck was discarded wrapper
once my lunch now the ants had a peck

spell-bound to watch those girls and guys

intrigued by their speed
of scampering when i moved wrapper
danger, danger i thought i heard their cries
reminds me of the 300 that God wisely selected
since they remained alert as lapped a drink
perhaps we too ought to stay awake, once we did


About the Author
"The coming love and commitment of YHWH to Israel and followers". Rob Aston is a central New Zealand native with experience in marketing, poetry and crafts.