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Self-Reflection –Elul 8– Mini Course

Are there circumstances in which you tend to be careless in your speech? To whom might you owe an apology based on careless words?

Thank you for joining me, on a 29 days journey as we undertake a “cheshbon nefesh,” “accounting of the soul.” We will ask questions covering 29 traits, or middot one for each day of the month of Elul.

The Hebrew month of Elul 

The Hebrew month of Elul offers us an opportunity to prepare for the High Holy Days ahead. It is a time of introspection. The Torah inspires us to develop our character, Tikkun Middot, becoming better people by correcting our faults and improving our character.

Elul Self-Reflection #8

Lashon Hora – The Evil Tongue

One should not speak, write or even imply something evil against another, even if it is true. This is called Lashon Hora. King David in Tehillim [Psalms] advises:

“Who is the man who desires life … guard your tongue from speaking evil.”

אלוהי נצור לשוני מרע ושפתי מדבר מרמה

“My God, guard my speech from evil and my lips from deception.”

Are there circumstances in which you tend to be careless in your speech?

?האם יש נסיבות שבהן אתה נוטה להיות רשלני בדיבור שלך

To whom might you owe an apology based on careless words?

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