September 11th Shabbat Shalom Reflections

As is my custom in Social Media on Friday, I reflect personally on the week behind and the week ahead,  but this is a very special and somber Shabbat of Remembrance for it is September 11’s 14th anniversary.

The observance is particularly marred as the supporters of the deal with Iran are dancing in the aisles over their “good deal” passage with the world’s largest exporter of state-sponsored terrorism, committed to genocide and hegemony. The irony and sadness is just too immense to go unnoticed with an additional sad tear on this observance. Our enemies have succeeded in dividing and conquering us not learning from the lessons of the past.

So this Shabbat, I will be praying for safety of all of us in America and in Israel and other allies who have stood in fighting off the forces of evil which are continually growing and threatening our freedoms.

I am an old man and the clock is ticking faster and faster for me; but I pray that the generation in back of me and in back of them wake up and learn from my generation and my father’s generation, that as committed as we are to “kumbayah” and “tikkun olam,” there are forces in the world that are genocidally evil to “the infidel,” and “the other.” They must come to realize that an ICBM with a nuclear warhead aimed at a city in Europe or the United States really doesn’t give a rat’s tush whether you were for or against the Iran Deal.

It is my understanding that scores of believing innocent devout Muslims were killed on 9/11 and sacrificed for the evil that lurks in our enemies. Those of us who were opposed to the deal were vilified as “warmongers” and compared to “Iranian hardliners” and “right wing crazies” by those claiming to be politically correct, “liberal,” and tolerant. I am not exactly sure how the liberalism I have have fought for so hard all my life has been hijacked by the same forces of negative extremism that have captured the current Democratic party, but these forces that bully the remaining liberals in the party are now the forces of evil within our own country.

The Iran deal signals leaving a period of enlightenment and freedom and entering into new Dark Ages, where tyrants and terrorists will command the world agenda. Let me be very clear, it is the new revisionist liberals, who are bringing us closer and closer to the brink of war and devastation with their capitulation to the tyrants and terrorists with poor diplomacy, than anything that classical liberals, moderates and yes, even right of center folks have done. To smear us as “warmongers” is obscene. Many of our families have known that horrors of war and none of us wants to put other’s in harm’s way. So, know, my new liberal friends who are so feeling rather sanctimonious with this victory, that classical liberals, moderates, joined by moderates on the right, are going to fight this accord like hell through democratic and diplomatic means.

You have given Iran a timetable and framework for a nuclear bomb and payload capability. You have unleashed a nuclear arms proliferation race in the Middle East of unprecedented proportions and you have strengthened the world’s most tyrannical government and exporter of terrorism by financially enabling them to do so and to do increase their nefarious agenda. Many of you are friends and acquaintances and I am making a choice where there now is none. I must fight for the future safety of my children and grandchildren, hoping they, you and me are caught in the treachery of Iran and it’s proxies.

As my clock ticks faster and faster, I have no time for wishful thinking. I know what I see. I don’t like what I see and I will act within all lawful and humanly possible strength and reality at my command for all our safety, security and future as best as an old man approaching 70 can do. I urge others to make this pledge on this historic and somber anniversary. Never Again!!!! I want to “Repair The World,” not acquiesce and contribute to further strife down the road.

Please feel free to like and share this. Thank you. Shabbat Shalom.

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Retired College Professor, President Emeritus & Co-Founder Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. Founding Publisher and Editor Kol Central Pa; Philadelphia JCRC; Academic Engagement Network, Residing in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
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