Howard Feldman
Howard Feldman

Seriously, its Time for the BDS to get a grip

It’s actually getting boring. Mind numbing, irritating and even childish. The BDS need to acknowledge what a monumental failure their South African Woolworths campaign has been, how it has done more damage to their cause than can possibly be imagined, and how moronic they are starting to look. Really, it’s time to get a grip.

News24, one of South Africa’s premier news sites seems to share their obsession and firmly places any activity in the spotlight given a hint of opportunity. But they would do well to read their readers’ responses to the articles that are given such prominence. South African’s are clearly sick of being bullied and intimidated and of being shown mock-dead people. They are sick of the BDS minimizing the horrors of apartheid by using the term loosely and without care. They are offended by the fact that their African brothers and sisters are being kidnapped and raped and blown up in markets on the continent whilst the BDS protest about pomegranates. It’s offensive to any sane person.

They have resorted to making up Woolworths financials in determining what the company has lost in revenue, they have deceived the press with so called “Shareholder” meetings and they have made a mockery of real suffering. Their integrity is quite clearly being questioned and it is time that they acknowledged their failure. It’s time to regroup. Seriously, as I would tell my children, its time to get a grip. And there is little time to be wasted.

The irony is that on a day where PA President Mahmoud Abbas is meeting President Zuma (and having lunch at his home), the press is dominated by the random acts of stupidity committed by the BDS. Surely they would have wanted to honour the man that they are fighting for, they would want to allow him to take the stage and get his message out to the South African public. But then one forgets that Abbas himself has publically denounced the BDS and the sanctions approach as being more damaging to his people. Hmmm, there is a quandary. Imagine the wisdom and chutzpah of the BDS that they continue to follow a strategy that the very person who is the leader of the people that they are fighting to “free” denounced. Now there is no knowing what he might say following the meeting with our President, and if he will alter his stance on this, but it might also be difficult to know given that the BDS is making sure that he gets as little press as possible. Self-serving? Dishonest? Disingenuous? Hypocritical? Certainly seems that way to me.

Yesterday in a market up North 30 people were killed when 2 teenage girls dressed in hijabs and strapped with explosives, entered a market. The one girl detonated herself killing 3 people and when others rushed to assist the 2nd one did the same killing the 27. It is a heartbreaking story. Not only because of the lives lost, but because of what must have been done to those teenagers to prepare them for this act. We can only imagine the horror of what they would have endured to the point that decimating themselves and people around them became an option for them. Take that up as a cause BDS. Take up the cause of the woman in Africa who are fighting for their lives and leave the pomegranates alone. You look stupid and uncaring. The veneer is paper thin and there are not many who don’t see through it.

Worst of all you are hurting the people that you are pretending to care about.

Seriously, get a grip!

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Howard Feldman is a lawyer, a physical commodity trader by industry and a writer by obsession. He is very active in the Jewish community and passionate about our world.
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