Sermons of Rebuke: Devarim Excerpts

Shabbat Shalom

Moshe gives his speech. The greatest rebuke of all time…Love it. Why? Because he finally blames the Jewish people for him not being allowed to go into Israel. Just as the 6 figures this synagogue is paying me, is keeping me from going to Israel…
Weakness. Little losers. Jews living in Israel have some heart…

In the beginning it all sounded good to send people to check out the land.
But when you guys responded like a bunch of frightened wimps to the fruit the spies brought back. It was a little too big. The spies who went against H’s word (1:27), in a show of hatred to H.’
Causing people to not believe is a great show of hatred to H.’ You can say it is not hatred, but lack of trust. However, that is the same. If you love, you trust…This congregation did not trust its rabbi to siphon the building funds. Trust…
I can tell you that I do not trust any of the teenagers in our shule. I would not trust any one of them to do Hagba. Lifting the Torah? these kids are scared…Call it hatred. Yes, they are not trustworthy and annoying…Stick up for yourselves. Eat a pumpkin every once in a while. Maybe it is a plum and not a grape.
Maybe it is lack of trust with love. I saw Mr. Goldstone smack his kid the other day, out of love. Finally, a positive in this congregation. That kid now knows better than to take the rabbi’s spot at Kiddush…
As an individual, you have an argument that it is distrust. But to spread the word against trust in H,’ is hatred…Yes, I am spreading the word of distrust of the teenagers. Call it hatred. I think we all do hate them. Do not allow any of the teenagers in this shule to touch the shule’s minivan…

Israel right now is going through hard times and the shule canceled is summer trip to Israel, as a show of solidarity. The other American Jewish communities greatly appreciate our show of unity and denouncement of Israel, as it is very important for the non-Jewish people to know that we do not support Israel in their struggle for survival and safety.

(1:32) ‘And in this thing, you don’t believe in H.’
Rashi- In this thing of bringing you to Israel.
If you don’t believe, you don’t deserve.

Yeah. There might be scary people who want to kill you, and their nectarines might be abnormally large. But you have to believe in H.’
Without belief, how can one live in Israel?
Without belief, how can one live?
Without belief, how can we even think for a second that Yitzchak and his teenage friends will turn into normal people? With normal haircuts? With normal vocabulary? Take care of a generation?
The people psyched themselves out. That is when you lose. When you lose belief in H.’
Was it the fruits? Moshe could have shown them how to vegetate better. So it wasn’t bite size…
(1:37) Moshe even tells them- ‘You even messed it up for me.’
And in all of this, the leader of this messed up people has to take the blame too. Even the leader misses out. And for this reason, we a grounding the adviser of the youth group. Phil is to have no car privileges…
And because of you, your rabbi has to summer vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, and not Israel…We just hope the fruits are of edible size.

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David also tours as a Maggid with very few stories, if you invite him.
Shabbat Shalom

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