Sermons of Rebuke: Vayeria Excerpts


Shabbat Shalom

We have an engagement in shule this Shabbat. We want to wish the Goldsmiths a mazel tov on their grandson’s engagement…It wasn’t them. Their granchildren live 2,000 miles away. I don’t think this congregation has had a legit engagement in the past six years…Have we raised our children wrong? Is it how our community treats others? Do we even deserve to be around people?

(19:3) Lot has to convince the Malachim to stay.
They wanted out right away; telling Lot they would rather sleep on the streets than in his house.
Any town that people would rather sleep away from, is not a good place. I have heard guests talking about the Goldsmith household and how they nag their guests…As a rabbi, I have had to counsel guests in this community who have needed sleeping bags, to sleep on the streets, just so they wouldn’t have to eat anymore Mrs. Goldsmith chicken soup.

Then Lot, just like the Goldsmiths, Goldstones and every other family in this community with Gold involved, including the South Africans who only shared gold with the white people, and the Goulds who have a ‘u’ in there, because they don’t know how to spell, holds onto them a little longer. The reason they never come back to our community. Because you all hound them when they want to leave…They are visiting, not moving in. Sometimes, they are just trying to give some information, like ‘here is some pizza’ and you make them stay for a while and feed them…Do you know how many delivery boys have been fired because of the Goulds, who don’t even tip, because there is a ‘u’ in the middle of gold.
Point is they stay for a little, and then (19:5) they then get attacked. The people of Sodom insist- ‘Where are the people that came to you. Bring them out so we can get to know them.’

Why do people not visit this community? Because you are all a bunch of yentas. You have to get to know everybody. You try to set up every person that visits. They are already married.

And they will surround your house. You let them in once, they are knocking on your door.

(19:9-13) The Malachim (who came to visit to tell Lot to get out of Sodom) tell Lot to take everything of his out of this city. This is after Lot offered up his daughters to the people.
I am not going to get involved into the miforshim (commentaries) as to how good looking Lot’s daughters were.
He had to be told to leave?

You can tell me that I have another job, and I will leave this town right away. Anything. If I was a rabbi with abilities, I would have taken the other jobs. If people liked me, I would be out of here…No need to tell me to leave…And here, Lot needs to be told, after they attack him and they don’t even want to take his daughters…If you can’t find your children a shidduch, get out of this town. You irresponsible parents of Beis Emes Sefilla…

Just because we are supposed to practice the Torah, does not mean that we are acting moral…There is a level of welcoming guests that this congregation has passed…You do not have to know your guests…And please stop knocking on my door constantly, attacking me with your stupidity.

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Shabbat Shalom

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