Shabbat Shalom, Back Next Thursday, US Elections

So the wife and I now have His & Hers viruses and I’m in the throes of negotiating my next two books on New York/Eastern Standard Time. Gotta deploy what’s left of my brain accordingly.

On the American elections: Be careful what you vote for. You might get it.

In one sense, nothing new here, Every president who has served two (or more) terms since Woodrow Wilson has experienced serious to catastrophic losses (Wilson 1918, FDR 1938, Bush 2008) in Congress in Year Six of their tenure. But now we can look forward to two more years of escalating paralysis, paranoia and purposelessness. None of which are good for America or Israel.

You may also see a Congressional co-optation of foreign policy unknown since the Senate trashed the Versailles Treaty.

My guess is: Now that the Obama administration, never good for much, has self-destructed completely, and Obama himself appears to have had the requisite nervous break-down, Israel may become a flash point of presidential petulance versus Congressional cruelty. It’s as personal now as it was in 1918, Wilson versus Lodge and his crew.

Not good for the Jews or anyone else, except maybe the Jihadi.

Shabbat Shalom.

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Philip Gold made Aliyah from USA in 2010 after several decades as a Beltway "public intellectual" of sorts.
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