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Shabbat Shalom to everybody , everybody but…

To John Kerry for making the dumbest deal ever in the history of diplomacy, with Iran.

To Barack Obama for making the dumbest deal ever in the history of his Presidency …. Which is saying a lot.

To Wendy Sherman who will now hold the title of worst nuclear negotiator of all time. We all thought that the Korean nuclear deal was bad. Wendy has reached new levels of idiocy with this one. Congrats Wendy, you are the bomb.

To Iranian negotiator Sharif for saying (with a straight face) on Charlie Rose that Iran has never threatened Israel. To Charlie Rose for not following up with a gasp, a question, something when this lie was said.

To J Street who miraculously raised 2 million dollars the day after the deal was announced to … you guessed it, support the Democratic Party, and the President.

To Nancy Pelosi who said that she read the deal, (did she really? ) and found that it is excellent, and is supporting it.

To the Obama administration surrogates for spreading out across the country to say that Israel is really the problem in the mid-east, not Iran and that Israel has nukes.

To the many Jews who are on the left, that blindly support this President still, and think that this is a great deal for the U.S. and Israel. I am done defending you. I will now just tell anybody who asks why any Jew would support Obama that you are all just crazy.

To Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez for indiscriminately shooting U.S. Marines that were at a recruiting office in Tennessee.

To the guest on CNN for saying that the reason that this person did this was because he was a lost person not because he was an Islamist.

To any commentator who repeats the oft quoted statement that Islam is a religion of peace.

To the Obama administration for assigning Bill Killian U.S. attorney for the eastern district of Tennessee who warned Americans that they can be prosecuted for violating civil rights when they post inflammatory commentary targeted at Muslims, as the person who is “investigating” the shooting in Tennessee.

To Mayor DiBlasio of NYC for taking the city back to the bad old days when it was not safe to walk down the street without being accosted by the homeless, criminals , drug addicts and … worse, politicians.

To any Pro Israel supporter, who believes that a deal where a country who has sworn to wipe Israel off the map can have nuclear weapons in 10 years while getting what amounts to a 150 billion dollar signing bonus is a good one.

To any intelligent human being who thinks that this deal with Iran is ok because we can verify if they are cheating. Do you really think that giving them 24 days warning (read it) before having an inspection, with no Americans, and no defined punishment is a good idea? That having no baseline of what they actually have as far as nuclear infrastructure to date, (which they were supposed to give in the last temporary stupid deal)) is a good idea.

To that king of strawmen Barack Obama who said that the Republicans (all of them I assume) and others have not offered any alternative to this deal so that this is the only choice.

To Barack Obama who criticized Major Garret of CBS for asking him a question about whether or not the President was content with doing this deal that doesn’t even mention the 4 hostages.

To whoever was guarding El Chapo the drug kingpin of Mexico for giving him 20 minutes in which to escape out of his cell walk a mile in a well-made tunnel and fly away to who knows where.
To Geraldo Rivera who went to Mexico to report on the escape of El Chapo. This means that El Chapo is going to be reported on by El Dopo.

To Geraldo Rivera who said on Fox that it is not the Shia Islam or Iran that is the problem in the Middle East it is Sunnis/ Saudi Arabia. How about this Geraldo … it is both… and you.

To the judge Richard Berman in New York City who ordered that Dinesh D’Souza (of anti-Obama movie fame) must have psychological counseling as part of his violation of federal campaign-finance laws since he considers this to be evidence of a psychological problem.

To Judge Richard Berman for taking one of the final steps in turning our Democracy into nothing but a Soviet Style Government who sentences dissenters to psych wards, or disappears them to a Gulag ( Detroit?) .

To the school board who ruled that the Freeburg Midgets get to keep their name despite a group representing people with dwarfism “ The little people of America” , who wanted it changed because the name offended them. We all think that they were both acting … small.

To all those who actually read this instead of doing something, anything, more important I wish you a Shabbat Shalom.

To those who I mentioned and to those who I didn’t (you know who you are).

No Shabbat Shalom for you.


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Larry Levine is a writer, businessman and activist. Originally from Long Island, moved to Columbus Ohio I have been a stand up comedian, talk show host, and compose music. I am a "reformed conservadox" In other words I find beauty in all facets of Judaism . Passionate about politics, people, Israel and our great country.
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