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Shavuot and the role of the Jewish people

Welcome to my Shavuot Blog.

In my blog last year, I wrote about the un-proportional impact of converts on the Jewish People. This blog will highlight with growing support for Israel by Christians and the growing interest in Torah and Shabbat. But it will not be the focus on that, but  look to the following questions:

Why did G-d create Am Yisrael as a nation and not just a religion?

What is the role of the Jewish People in the World?

As to the growing support and Interest in Israel and Torah, I will refer you for further information to the Book Ten from The Nations: Torah Awaking Among Non-Jews. and my previous blog on this subject

The book highlights the growing trend amongst Christians who want to become Gerim, but not necessarily convert. It is these Gerim that see today’s world events unfolding and want to be a part of the Redemption!!

There is more enough evidence of this – just take in the opening of US Embassy in Israel this week which is a prime example of this.

As I wrote. The key question for us to ponder is. Why did G-d create Am Yisrael as a nation and not just a religion?

Why, in addition to the mitzvot between individual Jews, and between man and G-d, does the Torah call for a framework of a national land,  language,  army,  political system, and even coin?  Why does Hashem tell Avraham in his very first sentence of prophecy, that he must leave his homeland and family in order to go to Israel where He will make him into a “great nation”?

Why are most of the mitzvot dependant upon living in the Land and State of Israel?  It must be more than just a technical means which “brought” Hashem to reveal Himself to the world through a Chosen Nation, rather than a “chosen religion”.

The questions and the Ideas raised here are based on an essay titled “The Importance of the State of Israel in the Writings of Rabbi A.I. Kook” by Rabbi Ari Shvat (Chwat) which can be found at

I will try to highlight one idea from the many fascinating ideas brought here.

A Light to the Nations

Perhaps the most important facet of the State of Israel in the long term is it’s international role – “that the holy nation, the treasure (chosen) of all the nations, the lion of Yehuda has woken up from it’s long sleep, and is returning to it’s inheritance”.  It is possible to write an entire book on this, and to expand upon the importance of our national independence to the fulfillment of our exalted role. Here we will try to summarize the main points:

  1. We can only influence the other nations from an acknowledged power-base: “then will be the true cultural influence of the jewish people on the whole world, when the influence of an important nation is not just from small parts of it (the nation) but rather from all of it’s essence”. Just as, today, the whole world blindly follows the American culture, in the same way, להבדיל בין טומאה לטהרה, in the future they will learn from us.
  2. The most successful influence is by the concentration of those who are influencing others in “a kingdom of priests” and not by “a nation scattered and spread out amongst the nations” when only a jewish spark appears here and there but does not give light as “a light to the nations”.
  3. “A light to the nations” means instilling Hashems way in every area. First of all, in the life of the masses (not just special individuals)

“all of us, the entire nation, that it is fitting to yearn for the complete good, the good to everything, and that on this foundation it is fitting to establish a kingdom.

The purpose of the Torah is to establish “a state which is idealistic at it’s foundations… this state is really the highest level on the ladder of happiness, and this state is our state, the state of Israel, the foundation of Hashem’s chair in the world.

  1. There can only be influence by the revelation of the light of Torah and mitzvot in it’s entirety:

“the faith lights up only when the people of Israel are healthy, complete in their power, monarchy, temple and land,  and in all of their physical and spiritual possessions”.

  1. Influence through the sanctification of Hashem’s name. Throughout history, the Christians have claimed that we were exiled due to the fact that we did not accept their messiah. But when we declared our independence in 5708, and when Jerusalem was freed in 5729, they no longer had anything to say. For as long as we were disgraced in exile “my tears were my sustenance day and night when they say to me all day long: ’where is your G-d?”; .

When the non-Jews ask “where is your G-d” this is clearly a desecration of Hashem name. On the other hand, when a strong state of Israel, is able, with Hashem help, this is our answer

Hashem is here. The Jewish people have returned to their homeland. Am Yisrael Chai!!

Just look at this video Am Yisrael Chai

Am Yisrael Chai !!!! Please like and share this inspiring video????????????

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If this is not inspirational, what is?

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