Shock, horror…corruption in football!!

BBC News headline:

Qatar World Cup: ‘£3m payments to officials’ corruption claim

The football world will be in shock…we all thought the process was completely straight and above board…backhanders, corruption??!! well I never!!….who to host the 2022 World Cup: Qatar was the obvious choice, THE perfect country to host a summer football tournament! 50C, wonderful!! I love watching Blatter announce “the winner to organise the 2022 FIFA World Cup is…..(wait for it, wait for it…..Qatar thinking is it us, dare we dream???)….Qatar!!” and then the members of the Qatar delegation all look so surprised as they go into a state of euphoric celebration.
The bidding process for the 2022 World Cup should take place again…if it doesn’t, corruption has won and the whole tournament will be nothing more than a symbol of the corruption that brought it about and a reflection of so much which is destroying the game.