Shocked! Shocked! To find out there is Jew hatred here!

Let’s look at some recent events.  Three Israeli teenage boys kidnapped at a bus stop outside of Gush Etzion while hitchhiking for a ride on their way home from yeshiva.  Not an unusual sight in this area as the public transportation is rather hit or miss-you either make the bus, or hopefully you have something to occupy your time while you wait for the all too few buses, or, you try to get a ride by thumbing your way. In this particular case, these boys were trapped by their goodness-it seems there was a car in trouble and the boys went to help the driver and the others in the vehicle by giving their auto a push to get it started. Instead, they were grabbed,  and thrown into the vehicle as it sped off.

No, I am not going to write any further details, that as of the time of this writing, June 21, 2014, after 10 days of waiting to get some type of word from the fiends who picked these boys as victims, evidence, at least to the public, is sketchy, to say the least. Whatever the security services have discovered through their extensive system of arrests and interrogation of the Hamas thugs arrested these last days, is understandably, not for publication. My point is, however, that this act of kidnapping evidences the heinous disregard for human life and morality by our enemies. It  should not come as a surprise to anyone with any degree of a moral compass in their heads. As far as those who condone and celebrate this type of “warfare” is concerned, let me just state that whale excrement would probably float above their intellect or lack thereof.

And for those who question why the Israel Defense Forces and the security services have not discovered the place where these boys are being held, through the all consuming searches by thousands of troops and police, let me remind you that in the time of the British Mandate, when there were less than 700,000 Jews in the land and 100,000 British police and military forces, the British could not locate the two hapless sergeants who were abducted by the Irgun Zvai Le’umi, even after erecting cages for searching Jews in the streets of Tel Aviv, Netanya and Jerusalem.

A few weeks ago, a Jewish couple, not specifically targeted as Israeli (although in Europe today, such distinctions are probably irrelevant to the haters) were shot to death while visiting the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium.  The murderer was discovered to be, now hold onto yourselves, a Muslim who was caught in Marseilles with the murder weapon in his possession-I never said that Jew haters were smart, but then again, Nazis come in all levels of mental acumen and educational abilities.

In France, a young man wearing a kippah, was assaulted for committing the crime of being a Jew while walking. A mass street demonstration in Paris, where Dreyfus was dishonored more than a century ago, rang with the shouts of thousands of Parisians, ” Jews. out of France!” In Hungary, the neo-Nazi Jobbik party marches in the streets of that nation’s capital city, Budapest, screaming for Jewish blood-I guess the Arrow/Cross fascists who sided with Hitler have excreted another generation of Magyar thugs.

In Greece, the birthplace of Aristotle, Archimedes and Hippocrates, a Golden Dawn (no, not a meteorological effect) has risen to assault the tiny Jewish community remaining in the land of Athens and Sparta where over 90% of the ancient Jewish communities of that Mediterranean nation, were liquidated by the SS savages and their accomplices.

Oh, I could go on and on, verbatim, how Luton, a city in England, that is the Muslim capital of the British Isles, how in Toulon, France. Jewish children were shot in the head, point blank by another Muslim cretin, and how my relatives in London are frightened to wear any sign of their Jewishness in public, even hiding Hebrew school textbooks from view. Synagogues with armed guards. Yeshivot with security cameras abound.

In Scandinavian countries, circumcision and kosher slaughter under attack for their presumed “barbarity” and in Poland, a country where once existed half the Jewish victims of the Sho’ah, a community that   contributed 400 years of culture and progress, scurrilous attacks against ancient Jewish practices were brought into the parliament of Lech Walesa. No, he isn’t the ruler of Poland now, but the hard fought campaign that he waged to bring democracy and freedom to the people of his native land erupted into the vile Jew hatred of its bloody past,

Cemetery desecrations, vandalism against Jewish schools and institutions, loud applause for thugs like Louis Farrakhan and the silent approval for the activities of the Westboro Baptist Church in the United States, do not shock me. Nor should they shock you either.

The war against the Jewish people is ongoing and ancient. From pagan times to this age of hi-tech, our enemies have changed their modus operandi but their intent is clear.. The world wants the Jews dead. It is that simple.

Israel is the world’s Jew on the international stage. She is a particularly public target for abuse in the flatulent halls of international discourse. True, there can be, and ought to be, legitimate criticism of the actions of the government of Israel, as there exists against the activities of any nation. But, to challenge the right of the Jewish people to a nation of their own, is inherently anti-Semitic as it attempts to relegate the Jewish people to a status of inferiority by denying them the right to self determination in its own homeland.

The so-called “BDS” Boycott. Divestment and Sanction movement against the Jewish state is another tactic to bring Israel down by economic warfare. Since militarily, our enemies have met defeat after defeat on the battlefields of combat, this is yet, another type of battlefield, waged in universities and on street corners. In Europe, this is also nothing new-these BDS hooligans should remember that they are the inheritors of the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses and professionals that began on April 1, 1933 and they should remember and be reminded of the company they keep. But it matters to them not, as they also seek their own version of the final solution to the Jewish problem.

Where are the cries for the independence of other peoples’ who deserve no less then the Jews? where are the voices for the peoples of Tibet?  Kurdistan? For the Basques? The Roma? No, only the Jews are held up for ignominious assault.

Yes, I can hear you all now, what about the “Palestinians?”  Many significant treatises have been expounded by those intellectuals who have more letters after their names than I, a simple Israeli Jew, can ever hope to attain. I merely have one, as I said, simple question. Why all the talk about a “Palestinian state” now when the lands they seek are under the limited control of the Jewish state, when for NINETEEN YEARS, from 1948-1967, the very lands the terror organizations demand now, were under the TOTAL control of their brother Muslim Arabs? Gaza was under EGYPTIAN control, the so-called “west Bank” and the old city of Jerusalem were under the control of the Hashemite monarchy in Ammann, Jordan-were were the crocodile tears for this “poor, displaced nation” then? when the Palestine Liberation Organization was founded in 1964, in Cairo, Egypt, by an Egyptian named Yasser Arafat and a Syrian named Ahmed Shukeiry, what were they hinting at liberating then? There was no Maaleh Adumim,. no Efrat, no Tekoa, no Gush Etzion, and no Jews in the quarter of Jerusalem’s old city, no Jews at prayer at the Western Wall, what did the PLO want to liberate? Gaza city? Rafah? Tul Karem? Nablus? Ramallah? Or was, and is their target, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Akko and Beersheba?

The answer is Jew hatred-there were no Jews to kill in Gaza, the “West Bank” or the old city of Jerusalem.  The entire premise for the so-called “Palestinian” issue is to create conditions for the mass slaughter of the 6 million (yup, 6 million) Jews of Israel. Peace for the PLO means Israel sliced into pieces-like the proverbial salami, making it easier to eat, slice by slice, instead of stuffing the entire sausage into one’s mouth in one gulp.

So, the kidnapping of Israeli teenagers, the rocket fire on Israeli civilians and the endless spouting of vituperative hate by Islamist terrorists and their henchmen, comes at no surprise and is to be expected t continue till either all the Jews are dead or our enemies, vanish into the slime pit of history as have all those who have sought the destruction of the House of David.

So, what do we, as a people do? My late, beloved, maternal grandmother, z”l, a woman who lived through the horrific years of pogroms and persecution in the Poland of her youth, used to tell me that every day that a Jew remembers his past and remembers his people, is like sticking a thumb in the eyes of all the Jew haters. Well, our enemies have invented a three fingered “salute” to celebrate the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers, that they flaunt at every opportunity. Well, I have a finger salute for them but it only consists of one finger, that being my middle digit.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.
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