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Shower with your Galaxy S5

Seems like smartphone companies are running out of innovative ideas
Galaxy S Logo (Galaxy S Logo image via Shutterstock)
Galaxy S Logo (Galaxy S Logo image via Shutterstock)

I’m really glad that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be water resistant. Now I can bring it into the holy of holies — the bathroom. Shexting is so passe — now you can shower with your smartphone! Why not take a bath or go for a swim while Tweeting?

Even better, it will take your heart rate. The next time you eat a super-sized burger with 2 eggs and ham, you’ll be able to self-diagnose.

The 16 megapixel camera will save NASA a lot of money. They’ll soon be able to drop the Hubble Telescope and the Kepler Mission as we’ll be able to snap photos of exoplanets from home.

Smartphones are the Happy Meals of gadgets. They have matured enough to start adding non-essential toys. Lighter and thinner (think iPad Air) doesn’t play as well in the headlines as “water resistant and checks your heart rate!” The 5.1 inch screen is too big for me, but I’m sure the younger generation will go for it.

Tablets, on the other hand, have a ways to go before they hit the stage where smartphones are today. We really could use a paper thin tablet – on our lap and in bed. When the Samsung Tab does become as thin as paper, they’ll find a catchier schtick to market (“frisbee tablet?”) it with.

The best thing about the new Galaxy S5 for most of us is that it will cause the S3 and S4 to plummet in price. I have my eyes on the S4 Mini. When it hits the 1,000 shekel mark, I may replace my S1 Mini (which is a geriatric 3 years old). And that’s my advice to everyone; use these new releases to watch for price drops.

I’ll be checking Zap.co.il over the next few months. Then again, every time I think of replacing my S1 Mini, I have doubts. There’s nothing like your first smartphone.

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