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Simply Put.

This is how simple it is.

The Jewish People are living in our National Homeland, a place that we have every moral, ethical, historical, and legal right to live. We are not going anywhere.  Did you get that?  We are here to stay. Any solution to this conflict must acknowledge that simple reality.
Right now, at this moment there is an organized governmental force with massive popular support, that says, “we will harass, terrorize, and kill Jews, if those Jews dare to live anywhere that we demand be Jew Free”.

Palestinians are right now dying in Gaza.  They are not dying because of “the Jews” but are dying for one reason, and one reason only. Their government is firing rockets indiscriminately into our civilian areas.

We will not tolerate that. Nor should we be expected to. No nation in the world would. We have every ethical, moral and legal right to use the minimum force needed to stop those rockets even if that force is “disproportional”.

In other words, how many Palestinians have to die in order to STOP the rockets? As few as possible, and as many as it takes. No more, no less.

It really is this simple. Israel does not want this. If the Palestinians accept the Jewish People’s right to LIVE IN JUDEA!!! If they would accept the fact that the State of Israel exists and they are unable to change that.

If they would stop launching rockets, stop throwing stones and Molotov cocktails. If they wouldn’t kidnap our children, shoot them full of holes and leave their bodies in shallow graves. We would have peace in one second.

It really is that simple.

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