Six “Israeli” snow storm moments

Jerusalem December 2013 Snow Storm

1. I saw a man outside a restaurant clearing a path in the snow for his customers and he was using a “SQUEEGIE”

2. Jerusalem modifies their tractors, used for building work, and turns them into snow plows.
Jerusalem Snow Plow

3. During one of the snowiest and slipperiest days I saw a man in a Getz driving on a spare tire. What was he thinking????

4. Instead of igloos, Jerusalmites built “Snow Forts”.

Wiener-Eisenberg Snow Fort in Katamon
Wiener-Eisenberg Snow Fort in Katamon

5. Desperate to melt the snow I saw people using dishwasher salt (used in Israel because the water is so hard) to try and melt the snow on their paths.

6. For the locals who still had power, Facebook proved to be the best source of information about road closures and school closures. Seeing a video of cars sliding all over the Begin Highway was the most effective way to get the locals to stay home and off the roads. Thank you to Rachel Azaria and Brachie Sprung for keeping the locals informed countless times during the day.

Thank you to everyone in the municipality who helped us get through this storm and to those who even slept in the Iriya on Shabbat to monitor the emergency situation.

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