Snow missiles and other grave threats

The ToI, always quick to report news before they melt, just published an article about a M57 like, Iranian inspired snow-missile, installed on a flat camouflaged launching platform, undoubtedly as a threat right smack on top of the holiest of holies, our very own Temple Mount. How did they get it there ?  The gall. The daring. The viciousness. The thoughtlessness. Unbelievable. How can we be so lenient? Let those pesky Palestinians get away with such an overt challenge to our military might ? Do we have a missile gap? Do we have an Ice-Dome to deal with the snow missiles ? Do we need to harden our igloos ? How can we deal with a missile that just melts away? Where does it disappear to ? Can we be certain that it’s gone, if it’s gone, after it’s gone ? These are all very pertinent questions defence analysts will have to ask. What will come next ? Will they build a snow tank ? A snow F-16 ? A snow F-35 ? These are new tactical threats that the Ministry of Defence will have to deal with. In conjunction with the climate change, these threats could become strategic. For now, they have not been included in the present budget estimates and the implications are quite clear: This could become expensive.

A cursory perusal of “snow statues” on Google images clearly indicates that there is a dearth, if not an absence of defence oriented snow statues and the Palestinians have certainly identified a clear market failure. These snow missiles, in addition to being a tangible threat to our igloos, could therefore very well become an economic threat as well, providing the Palestinian authority with much needed income and a serious competitive edge before the State of Israel can develop effective countermeasures and before everything melts away.

Talking about countermeasures I contacted the Israel Air Force to inquire if the Arrow missiles could conceivably deal with the new threat. The embarrassed silence on the other end of the line was a clear indication that we have something to worry about. So please, let’s all get together and worry about the new threat: Snow missiles on the Temple Mount.

About the Author
The author served in the Prime Minister’s Office as a member of the intelligence community, is a member of the Council for Peace and Security and was a candidate in Labor’s 2012 primary election for the Knesset list