So What’s BDS Really About?

America is a nation built on high principles, yet divided by those principles. It’s a country whose population finds it difficult to confront and deal with its great social ills and the fact the nation has killed millions of people in non essential geo/political wars since WW2.

Enter Arab activists who have a similar problem of cultural introspection. They tend to blame just about everything on someone else. These few find fertile ground among America’s narrowly educated PC generation who, unable or unwilling to confront America’s past and present, look for the usual scapegoat.

In fact, for many the BDS movement has become a vicarious way for Americans to atone the nation’s sins. The movement has targeted Israel as its scapegoat. And how appropriate. During the Middle Ages Christians used to kill Jews at Easter as a sacrifice for the blood of Christ.

Today, Israel, a progressive nation in many ways more egalitarian than America, is a shinning beacon of success amidst the Middle East blood filled cesspool. Yet, it has become a convenient outlet mainly for spoiled naive college students who need a cause that’s easy to join…yet way of atoning for America’s own sins and shortcomings.

For their part, Arab instigators attempt to transfer the worst aspects of their societies on to Israel. And many Americans lap it up…that there is some sort of official Apartheid racial separation in Israel. Again, this lie influences some American idealists who can’t cope with racial discrimination and minority voter suppression in the USA…Israel is a substitute.

The best way to fight BDS is to attack the very people who are promoting it. Reveal the Islamist and Arab money in back of the movement and prove how false are their defamations of Israel.

About the Author
A London based American journalist with a long wide ranging career spanning print, radio TV and online news.