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Social distancing is painful for many!

Not everybody is happy with our new Social Distancing policies

One of my readers sent me her thoughts:

I can think another interpretation for social distancing since I think it has been forced upon us by forces of evil, if you will, is more like “it is not good for man to be alone” idea from Bereshit (Genesis) when God creates Chaya (Eve) as a partner for Adam. I think a lot of people are instinctively feeling this is so true.

Some doctors are even saying that social isolation will make people especially many elderly sicker! Older people thrive from social interaction and stimulation in ways that screen time does not permit.

Being there face to face is just different than face through the screen to face. Touch. Hugs. So much that is lost in a world of social distance and screens. Older people need exercise and sunlight and fresh air which are things that work better when done with other people, even one other person.

Older people have usually accumulated many losses in their lives and the social isolation practices hurt the immune system and do not strengthen it making the older person more susceptible to infection!

Individuals will exercise their bodies, minds, and spirits when with someone else or in groups. Same for eating patterns. Of course, being trapped in some social isolation situation with another or people who don’t get along has potential for positive ends but it will take more work. I admit that one.

But still, it probably can be done if people can decide it is necessary to work together since they need to deal with reality. Those truly by themselves really run higher risks in the end. We don’t know how long these virus regulations are going to last, do we?

In the recent world before social distancing society was disintegrating as so many people were wanting connection but finding it difficult to really find and establish in a world of alienating technology and societal demands.

We were being programmed for alienation and this awful virus situation may have a benefit of revealing it for what it is a taste of new world tyranny and more alienation. If we can turn this around through common purpose and effort with prayer and reliance upon The One True G-d maybe we can avoid the dark predictions of the birth pangs of the Moshiach period and be redeemed.

Although it seems impossible for Jewish unity at this time, perhaps with G-d’s help it will be for with G-d all things are possible.

This year on the Hebrew calendar is 5780 which might mean the 12 tribes, five plus seven is 12, are entering 8 a world to come of some sort, and the zero may be a symbol of space for how we fill it. The coming year in 5781 might mean that God Who is One will enter actively in the picture. The one is on the right meaning God is Good and that his “Hand” the five, his “left hand” will work to accomplish 7, holy rest, and 8, the world to come.

The secular calendar goes from the war of 2020 which is a balance of forces in the material world between freedom and tyranny, in the spiritual world between good and evil, and a looking back as in hindsight evaluation and lead to 2021 where again God represented by the 1 is on the right claiming victory over the opposing forces in this world.

The two twos add up to four. Four refers to Pesach where the number four is symbolic of so many things. Twenty times two is 40 which is also meaningful for Jews. Think 40 years of wandering in the desert, for example. Two minus two is zero which leaves one which is God the beginning and the end. Two divided by two is one which indicates the unity of the Jewish People or of the world with the One God. On that day He shall be one and His Name shall be One. Just impromptu thoughts.

These were my friends’ thought’s, they are born out by what Doctors are telling us:

How Social Distancing May Hurt People With Chronic Pain

Our society is in the midst of an unprecedented global public health crisis. As social distancing laws become increasingly more stringent, and government-mandated quarantine becomes our “new normal,” the next few months will, undoubtedly, take a toll on all of us—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

With that in mind, there is a specific group of the population that is under-represented in the midst of this pandemic—the 100 million Americans (try to figure out how many in the rest of the world to which this applies) who suffer from debilitating chronic pain. While vastly underappreciated, it’s not a medical problem that’s going away anytime soon. According to Consumer Reports, prescriptions for pain medication have climbed 300 percent in the past decade.

According to the CDC, chronic pain is the number-one cause of long-term disability in the United States. A very common problem especially seen in older adults, it’s often associated with other issues, such as depression, insomnia, social isolation, and poor quality of life. In the age of COVID-19 and social distancing, these individuals are at an even higher risk for getting sick, since the CDC also reports that anyone with “serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.”

So, what does this mean for those diagnosed with chronic pain—an already self-isolating condition that doesn’t necessarily impact the lungs, but can still have an adverse effect on overall well-being and lead to a compromised immune system?

Here’s what we know for sure. A recent study, “The Impact of Social Isolation on Pain Interference,” published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, shows just how devastating loneliness and social distancing can be to individuals diagnosed with chronic pain. The research indicated that “patients with higher social isolation scores reported significantly higher levels of pain interference and significantly lower levels of physical function.”

Which means now, more than ever, is a critical time for people struggling with chronic pain on a daily basis.

With an uncertain future ahead of us, it’s crucial for anyone—whether they struggle with migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or any type of pain—that they double-down on health practices and refrain from letting social isolation worsen their condition.

Children don’t understand social distancing:

A Helping Hand

Friday afternoon, 5-year-old Moishie Sherman came in while his parents were setting the table for Shabbos Dinner. Quite surprisingly, Moishie asked if he could help. His mother said, “No, but I appreciate your asking.”

Little Moishie responded, “Well, I appreciate you saying no.”

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