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Sold for Passover

My Blueberry Plants Flowering in My Blueberry Garden (courtesy of author)

Quite chilly air will arrive tomorrow (Wednesday) and then last into early Shabbat.  A trough of low pressure will pass by to our north, bringing light showers, but cold air on the western side of it will bring an unusual chill for late March.

Temperatures will actually fall below freezing at 850 mb, and some of that cold air could filter down leading to damage to temperature sensitive plants.

Warmer air should then drift eastward from northern Africa early next week, but it should soon be replaced by another trough of (colder) low pressure Pesach (Passover) Eve. The chill should last into Shabbat. The last few days of Pesach look to be nice and warm as warm air again moves eastward from northern Africa.

As you know, seen, and heard, Pesach cleaning is well underway in most (Jewish) households. Every year, Pesach seems to spring up on you. It often follows the blooming of my blueberry plants, so I pretty much know when it is coming (in case I forget to look at the calendar).

This year, though, I received a strange request. Usually, I’m the one who sells the “Chametz.” However, my wife decided that she would do it and off she went. I thought nothing of it — until I received a text message from the “Sell your Chametz Association” that I too had been sold for Pesach. Of course, I wanted to know why.  She says that she accidentally (or absent mindedly) checked the “sell your husband” box on the form. To be honest, though, I’ve never seen this check box.

The good news is that she says I can stick around, but should try not to get in the way. She says that she’s even willing to take me back with the rest of the Chametz (if I am so claimed during the holiday) when the holiday ends.

Happy Passover.

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Dr. Barry Lynn has a PhD in Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences. He has an undergraduate degree in Biology. He is a researcher/lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is the CTO of Weather It Is, LTD, a weather forecasting and consulting company.
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