Sorry, but I don’t give a ****!

The Al-Azhar center, a top Muslim body based in Cairo, warned yesterday that the drawings set to be published in the Charlie Hebdo magazine are an ‘unjustified provocation.” They went on to say that the drawings “do not serve the peaceful coexistence between peoples and hinders the integration of Muslims into European and Western societies.”

Egypt’s Islamic authority, Dar al-Ifta, also jumped in and denounced the new cartoons in Charlie Hebdo as an “unjustified provocation against the feelings of 1.5 billion Muslims”.


Well, let me tell you about feelings. I don’t remember the feelings of the 13 million Jews being taken into account when Iran ran its Holocaust cartoon competition.

I don’t remember the feelings of the State of Israel being taken into account when it is falsely accused of every crime in the book, including ones that haven’t been invented yet.

I don’t remember the feelings of the Jews being taken into account when they were forced from their homes during the evacuation from Gaza in order to give the Palestinians there a chance to build something.

I don’t remember the feelings of the communities hunkered in bomb shelters around Israel being discussed as Hamas reigned thousands of rockets upon them.

I don’t remember the feelings of the Jews in South Africa being debated when the BDS movement invited a convicted terrorist to speak at a fund raising function, or attempted to put a pigs head in the kosher section of a supermarket.

I don’t remember the feelings of French Jews being a major factor when a Jewish school was attacked and children were shot to death, including a young girl who had her ponytail pulled back while being shot in the face.

I certainly don’t remember the feelings of the two hundred thousand and counting Muslims being a major factor as they’ve died in Syria’s civil war.

And what about the Jews who barricaded themselves in synagogues in France, as radical Muslim youth attacked them with stones and bricks.  Did someone ask about their feelings and their fears?

And how about the constant anti-Semitic broadcasts that are shown daily on Arab television shows, including the sermons depicted on Palestinian television shows that call Jews the “sons of pigs and dogs”.

How about the songs being written about running over 2 month old babies with motor cars – did anyone ask if the feelings of mothers might be hurt?

And when I see signs depicted with the words “Kill the Jews” emblazoned upon them.  Would you like to know my feelings then?

What about the families of those killed in Paris, or in Nigeria, or in London, or in New York?  Was there any consideration of their feelings?

You see, there are real problems in the world.  Problems where innocent people are being killed.  Problems where lives are being destroyed.  Problems where fear has replaced hope.  Problems where pain has replaced joy.  Problems where the tears of anguish have replaced the tears of happiness.

So, you’ll forgive me if I appear to be insensitive.  And you’ll forgive me if my attention is somewhat diverted.  But right now, if your feelings are hurt over a stupid cartoon, then excuse me, but I don’t give a ****!

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.