Sorry — I was completely wrong.

There are so many ways to say that you are penitent. Sometimes there are so many things to be regretful about.

A few months ago, in the recent election, I strongly criticized Bibi Netanyahu. I am a card-carrying member of the Likud party. I was convinced that he was the wrong man, at the wrong time, in the wrong place doing the wrong thing. And I was completely wrong. Over the years, Israel has had a series of unmitigated disasters while handling its different policies around the world at large and the Palestinians in general. We have chased a specter called peace and wasted years in the process. We have withdrawn from Lebanon, and Gaza hoping for world approval and quiet and received neither. In fact, only Begin got it anywhere near right. He said autonomy plus and made peace with Egypt. Not since the ring of containment as devised by Ben Gurion could anybody else make a claim that he was correct. Not since Begin could anybody claim they were correct. In Israeli history, there have been three men who got it right.

Ben Gurion foresaw the inherent weakness of the Muslim Arab world. He devised a containment strategy consisting of three non-Arab states within the area: Egypt; Iran and Israel. The ring may be shattered, but the basic idea was correct and in many ways is applicable today. Begin foresaw the importance of strategic cooperation with Egypt and the complete impossibility of setting up a Palestinian state — the autonomic region must be under both the aegis and protection of Israel. Netanyahu saw the perfidy of the United States in the guise of its present leadership, and the inevitable march of the Iranians to both hegemony and obtaining nuclear power. And he stood by his guns.

Today, we are living beneath the shadow of an incomparably disastrous Obama regime. Obama has reneged both on America’s greatness and his word. He carelessly but deliberately engineered situations based on a world view that is immature and highly inaccurate. His art of capitulation to his enemies in the name of appeasement and his serial betrayal of his allies in the name of strength has become a characterization of a complete farce. Every world crisis has been made incredibly worse by Obama. Wherever Obama goes, crises have taken a quantum jump in the wrong direction. The Renaissance of Russia is as amazing as it is frightening. The facilitation of Iran is calamitous and will probably lead to the Third World War between Iran and Pakistan.

The two countries have a common border and epitomize a nuclear Sunni-Shia conflict. Single-handedly by his facetious’ leading from behind’ he has wrecked Libya. His weak-kneed vacillation over Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan has led directly to the present immigration problem. Here again, we must praise Netanyahu. He was sure and could distinguish and to act when he defined the differences between economic immigration and genuine refugees. He did not make his decisions because of one newspaper picture or another. He built a wall and did his very best to remove those who had already entered. Europe, in all its political correctness, is now singing the last rendition of Kumbaya.

It is almost poetically perfect that Germany should finally be destroyed as it immolates itself in a hyperbolic but mirror-image of politically misleading optimism comparable to the attack on Leningrad. In fact, the only positive that can be taken from the seven years of Obama’s disaster is the comeuppance that Germany is about to receive. There may not be any more Kumbaya or campfires, but there certainly will be fires, in fact, many.

I’m sorry what I said about Bibi Netanyahu; I regret being a two-dimensional Democrat. I reluctantly admit that I no longer have any political solution to the problems we are facing. Above all, I deeply despair about the area and world bequeathing to my grandchildren.

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Born in Leeds in 1944, Michael Benjamin is a retired Psychiatrist and medical auditor, co-founder of Oranit, aspiring author and inveterate cynic.
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