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Sorry they asked me, “What if the Iran deal works?”

Some have asked me if we would admit that we were wrong if the Iran deal works. Here’s my reply:

If Iran converts to pacifism and uses its new influx of $150 billion for philanthropic purposes, stops funding terrorists and proxy wars, stops calling for the destruction of Israel and Jews, stops spinning centrifuges to enrich uranium, deletes its ICBM program which is crafting long range missiles that can reach America, then yes, we will write the ayatollah an apology letter.

Until that fantastical day which only Disney can produce, this my friend is war! I think that Israel’s PM, its defense minister, the Mossad and the Shin Bet know better what Israel’s security needs to look like than pundits on CNN and MSNBC. Hope and optimism are NOT strategies. I used to wonder how the Holocaust could actually happen. Now I know.

The lambs hope for the best while the wolves prepare for supper.

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