Elizabeth Browder

Speaking up before it is too late….

I am a Zionist. If you have read my blogs, you know this. I am also Pro Palestinian. I support both the Jewish and Palestinian right to self-determination. Supporting one does not automatically mean you are opposed to the other, no matter what Hamas and their minions say.

Along with supporting the Jewish and Palestinian right to self-determination, I support the rights of the Syrian and Iraqi people. What they are going through is hell. There is no other word for it. In Mosul, Iraq, Christians were told to convert or die by ISIL. The Yazidis are being forced to flee, hiding in the mountains or face execution. Women are being sold as slaves.

In Syria, people are being butchered or forced to leave the country. We all know about the gassings. ISIS is there, causing mass chaos.

I want to say something: I DO NOT believe all Muslims are lunatics like ISIS and ISIL or Hamas are. I know Muslims who love peace, but no one ever talks to them. Someone said to me “why dont any of these peace loving Muslims speak up?”. They do speak up but no one wants a sound bite from them.

To those in Iraq and Syria: you have not been forgotten. People care. People are praying for you. To those who claims to be standing up for human rights: NOW is the time to speak up. I refuse to wait until it is too late to speak up for those in Syria and Iraq. I refuse to sit by and watch a true genocide take place. I refuse to be apathetic about this tragedy.

About the Author
Elizabeth is a nurse by profession, and a parent of a dog who thinks she is human. She likes lots of things. She may write about them.