Spiritual Guerilla Gardeners Unite: Let’s Weed Out Hate And Occupy The Dream

(Courtesy US Embassy Berlin)
Image Courtesy of U.S. Embassy Berlin

One of the few unreported backstories of the 1979 Peace Accord was the history behind the development of the Camp David Roses. What makes this symbol relevant or today’s times, are their embedded spiritual roots ,

As the story goes, in the late 1970′s, German businessman Gerd Horstmann, the son of the inventor of the Adolf Horstmann Hybrid Tea Rose, was commissioned to present then United States President Jimmy Carter with what was to become the Camp David Peace Rose, symbolizing goal of peace among peoples, nations, and religions.The Camp David Rose symbolized and continues to symbolize the possibilities of the fragrant and blossoming future, resistant against threatening stormy winds, big clouds, and lightning strikes, that stunt our development, not to mentions the thorns of human suffering that challenge our resolve. Together they wove the fabric of the Camp David Peace accord, for keeping repressed weed seed desires dormant.

Times are different now and the cultures are warming, and this tightly woven peace accord fabric is beginning to become unraveled. Nowadays, even the best intensions of democratically elected leaders can no longer control the repressed Arab Spring passions of the populous. In times like these, we look back to our symbols and heroes for giving us guidance. Civil rights activists like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought against hatred with the power of Christian spiritual love. But this same hatred confounded even Dr. King throughout throughout this life.  Yes, we have made significant strides in the forty-six years after Dr. King gave his prophetic “Mountain Top” speech. The weed seeds of hatred have not perished, they have simply remained dormant waiting for the first cracks in the fabric germinate and pierce through.

The answer for our current and future geo-political challenges cannot be address with a tougher more tightly woven peace accord, which represses human desire, nor for politically expedient, top dressed land swap solutions which delay only the inevitable. Nor can our current geo-political edging implant barriers protect our culture and root structures in the long term.

After researching the cultural, historical, and geo-political roots of the rose as one of the symbols of peace, and contrasting this symbol against the deepest spiritual roots of our common heritage, and recording my findings in my German language spiritual gardening manifesto book  “Der Himmelsgarten”, Allegria Verlag, Berlin March 2011, I have discovered, and perhaps even revealed,  strategy for peace, deeply embedded in the Otiot of the torah:  Inspiring humanity to relate weeding their gardens with the heavenly intention of praying to root out, compost and ionize their inner weeds into spiritual energy. Freed from their limitations spirits would then be free to rise and populate a vivified Weed Block matrix of society, existing at a higher plane, in which all people would be free to tap into and surge sustenance through their spiritual roots into their souls and beyond.

The very act of giving would allow people to surge more life, liberty, and happiness throughout the matrix.  It would become the function of governments to set a framework for allowing every citizen the spiritual freedom to tap respective roots beyond the weed patch. This takes the Israeli model of kibbutz to the highest spiritual level.

To begin the process of vivifying our common fabric of society, we must invest in the spiritual fitness of our children with the same commitment that the 19th century German pedagogues by developing social programs for universal access to gardening:  kindergarten, allotment gardens, anthroposophy and bio-dynamic gardening. Then, we must reconnect this socialized gardening with the deepest roots of our spiritual heritage.  Individual gardeners must be inspired to begin gardening for a higher purpose, that of cleansing our souls and gardening each other’s spirits. It serves no purpose to continuing to occupy the streets demanding that our leaders fix our problems. We must learn to take personal responsibilities for educating our children to weed out hate and sow the seeds of peace.

The President of the United States has the clout for beginning this process. He can use his office for coordinating televised “weed out hate” events, so that the children of the world can begin to root out a piece of that elusive Sinai Mountain of Hate.  Locally, our leaders can set agendas for integrating Kabbalah Parks, taking urban parks to the next level. No longer botanical oases. They would inspire us to become spiritual gardens: Within our settlements, in our cities, and along our borders.

We can take the first steps in gaining back our spiritual freedom to unclog our respective spiritual roots. The simply act of emailing President Obama at , calling upon him to make this grassroots globally televised “Weed Out Hate”  vision a reality next spring, live and direct from the White House Kitchen gardens.

Discover the lure of the enchanting Kabbalah Gardens Park birds. They are calling on all of us to tweet “weed out hate”. It is the twitter of the lure of spiritual gardening, the twitter of the painful irradiation of our stony heart egos, it is twitter of the heavenly melodies, now better able to illuminate and uplift our spirit into the one and only spiritual community garden.

About the Author
As the eldest grandson of Ross Daniels, the inventor of a horticultural irrigation tool for deep watering and feeding at the deepest roots, Marc spent the first half of his career learning about global gardening and gardener's trends. Ten years ago, he began thinking about how to take his grandfather's vision to the next level, for inspiring humanity to weed out hate and sow the seeds of peace through spiritual gardening.