Sri Lanka Butchery… Is MR. Erdogan Satisfied?

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This is their finest-hours. It was clear that Islamists after the mass killing of Christchurch attacks were eager to retaliate. Not only because they perceive themselves as the protectors of Muslims worldwide, but in particular because it is part of their strategy to stir up the international mood towards an aura of religious wars.

Islamist ideology is based on the concept of the Inheritance of Earth (Wirathat Al-Ardh) that allah had promised in the Quran the “Mouminoun” or the believers who are willing to sell their lives to please him through a continuous jihad expeditions in order to subjugate nation after nation and eventually establish a global Islamic government. The conquest of the world would be more effective in the presence of a state army that would unify the disbanded units and forge them into one imperial army of Jihad. Islamists hope that an Islamist Turkey can make that cherished dream come true.

However, Since Western values and the Westphalian system reject politics based on sectarian and religious approach, they have found in white nationalist with whom they share the same view of a colliding bipolar world— a fitting partner. At least that what Islamist Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was trying to convey to his followers as he aired excerpts of New Zealand mosque shooting video at rallies threatening Australian and New Zealander tourists of repatriating them in coffins, and making references to some historical battles between Ottomans and Christian kingdoms.

There is a widespread but decontextualized conception that relates Islamism exclusively to Islamist movements; the conviction that Islamism is restricted to those politicized organizations and groups who promote political Islam only, to the devoted activists and militants who had sworn loyalty and allegiance to carry on the struggle to establish the Islamic State. Unfortunately that is not very accurate. Yes, Islamism was strictly limited to organized groups that was first founded in the 1930s and 1940s like the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt and Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan, when islamism was yet an underdeveloped ideology. But after a couple of decades, especially with the coming of the 1980s and the skyrocketing of oil prices, Islamism had grown massively in influence, overflowing Muslim societies to the point that the well-defined boundaries between an ideological devoted Islamist of the 1960s and a non-ideological Muslim citizen had been gradually erased, and by the coming of the third millennium the Arab and Muslim societies in toto were gravely contaminated by the plague of Islamism.

Hence the old feeling of “Ightirab” or alienation that Islamists had long experienced in Nasser era folded away, and their mission to Islamize society was thus accomplished. Therefore, their efforts became more concentrated on seeking political power and challenging authority, leaving much of the proselytizing duty to the Salafist preachers to maintain the loyalty of the masses to dogmas and contest liberal ideas and western values.

We often hear that Islamist movements in the Arab world were able to win elections because they were more organized, structured and disciplined than their counterparts. That is true, fascists obey orders. As well as of their social machine that has provided for years food and healthcare to the poorest and misfortunes. That is also true, especially if we bear in mind the considerable financial support they have been receiving for decades from the wealthy theocratic gulf states and their businessmen tycoons who saw in them their messengers to spread their culture and empower Wahhabi doctrines in the Arab world and around the globe (the nature of relationship between those oil-rich Sheikhdoms and Islamists outside the Arabian peninsula is no less interdependent than the relationship that once existed between the Soviet Union and communist parties and guerillas outside Russia.)

However, disciplinary behavior, social welfare and health programs are not the main factors of their popular thrive. The issue here is that the Islamized population became more and more inclined to enshrine Islamists as holy saviours of the nation essentially because they are perceived as the people of Allah; the ones who are committed to fighting Israel, who are advocating the implementation of shariah law uncompromisingly in contrast to the old Arab regimes who are still reluctant to impose it thoroughly. The belief that once the state laws and society and its individuals became totally submited to the Quranic rule, Allah well open the gates of heavens for them to reap the fruits of their obedience — is commonly cherished. And that’s what they mean by the notorious popular slogan that the Muslim Brotherhood promoted on the eve of the Arab Spring — Al-Islam Houwa Al-Hal or Islam is The Solution. The Arabic defenit article “al” is used in Arabic to emphasize exclusivity. In other word: Islam is the only solution for all the problems.

Thence, all the miseries, the poverty, the declining living standards, the economic and social crises, are not due to the lack of freedom and democracy but rather to the partial hypocritical implementation of Shariah and the renouncement of the futūḥ ( Islamic conquests). That’s what causes Allah’s wrath and detestation and bring about defeats and hardships.

And when the Quran and the body of Tradition speaks profusely about a perpetual struggle between Muslims and the enemy of Allah, Islamists (who act as vanguard of Muslims) feel compelled to conform the awkward reality to the Quranic narrative in order to confirm the credibility of the divine words. Ironically, that cannot be realizable unless a secular west re-embrace the spirit of the Crusades era, and its politicians and politics become lured into the wear of mitres and go after Muslims waving swords and crosses.

Thus the unprecedented magnitude of Sri Lanka terrorist attacks was intended to generate a cultural and religious blast in the secular west; to promulgate a sense of Christiandom solidarity that would ultimately empower and embolden the shunned white nationalist agenda (the saying of the “Palestinian Jesus” could also be seen as an attempt by Islamists to play on religious sensitivities in order to incite hatred towards the Jews.)

Those terrorist attacks are indeed a sordid sort of “favors” reciprocation between those two fascist anti-Semitic powers, who work hand in hand to immerse the democratic and civilized world into a barbaric Armageddon by means of traumatic bloodshed and harrowing butcheries that would ultimately overcome reason and the spirit of enlightenment. For the Muslims part, they are already on call.

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Taha Lemkhir is a Moroccan writer and photographer. Degree in Arabic literature and Islamic studies. Critic of Islamism. languages: Arabic, English and Spanish. He Lived part of his life as an Islamist— until enlightenment flashed through his heart.
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