Sharon Klaff
Sharon Klaff

St James Returned

I returned to St James’s Church Piccadilly last night after a gap of some three-plus years. Then I spent 12 days of Christmas monitoring their faux security barrier installation that left me sickened by these distorters of their religion, propagating Palestiniansim to its ultimate.  Soft and hard core anti-Semitic propaganda was served up in dollops at dinners, comedy stores, lectures and theatre. Then they had Jeff Halper, Canadian Jew, he of ICAHD, telling them how Israel warehouses Arabs on the hilltops around Bethlehem – for warehouse read concentration camps to see the intimation of Israel as a Nazi state.

Now they had another Jew hailing from Oxford, via Israel en route from Iraq, delivering their replacement ideology expertly with a quietness that appealed to the adoring 200 plus audience drooling to receive more ammunition for the anti-Israelism arsenal.

Avi Shlaim was quietly boring, speaking in a monotone as he delivered his take on Balfour, a tinge of maliciousness evident. He explained how ISIS had claimed that Balfour was blown to bits after they’d planted a bomb on the Iraqi border. That’s about the extent to which he contextualised Balfour in the greater Middle East, focussing instead on the aspect relating to the establishment of the Jewish homeland, omitting completely the creation of trans-Jordan as the state for the Arabs of Palestine, let alone all the other Islamic states conceived as a result of the demise of the Ottoman Empire. For an Oxford based historian he deftly wove into facts his prismed view that wrapped reality in with his fantasy, recreating history to suit his narrative.

One anecdote was the story he told about how Weitzman had discovered acetone. Of course, Avi Shlaim couldn’t avoid cynically connecting that genius discovery gifted to the British First World War effort, to the gift he said Weitzman received in return – Israel – rich creamy fodder for his hungry audience. They lapped it up like children do on hearing their favourite carol sung again and again and again. They must have thought all their Christmases had arrived with Avi, sans reindeer, for if that doesn’t describe Jewish Power, the essence of anti-Semitism, then Bob really is my aunty.

He slithered over Oslo, Blair and Obama saying something or other incoherent, but leaving the clear impression that it was always Israel, the rogue state that couldn’t or wouldn’t make peace, depending on whether extremists assassinated or elected a Prime Minister. And all this was laid at the doorstep of settlements. If it wasn’t for settlements there’d be peace. Really? So, what was the 1967 six-day war all about then, when Jordan was in occupation of the “West Bank”? He never approached that, but instead blamed the pesky settlers for all the problems in the region, ignoring factors like the 1929 Arab riots some 20 years before the recreation of Israel and the fact that before the 1967 war there were no settlements in the Jordanian occupied West Bank of Israel. He spoke about Israel being an apartheid state. What kind of apartheid is it that enfranchises all citizens, Arab, Jew, Muslim, Christian alike?

Then he was asked a question about Corbyn whom he praised for his longstanding support for the Palestinian people and of course, no, he isn’t an anti-Semite, despite his friendships with Hamas and Hezbollah, welcoming them into the House of Parliament and his platform sharing with Raed Salah, he of the Israeli MB, functioning freely in that so-called apartheid state of Israel, who had sneaked through passport control having been excluded from entry. Then there is Corbyn, in 1997 found sharing a platform with MCB extremist Makbool Javid, the ex-brother-in-law of the London mayor. Javid now says he’s sorry for his extremism.  We’ve heard nothing like an apology from Corbyn, only excuses. None of this seems to bother Shlaim as he spends his life selling replacement ideology to foot soldiers of this onslaught on our culture and who we are as a Judeo-Christian democracy.

I was allowed the last question after I protested at being ignored, a simple question: why had he not described all the territory mandated to Britain’s care as ratified by the League of Nations? Instead, he referred only to a Palestine on the West bank of the Jordan River? He failed to answer, turning his back and returning to his chair ending the session, for if he’d answered, he’d have had to tear up his 900-page book that he plugged throughout the evening. That at a charity event!

It wasn’t really that he was there in the haven of replacement theology in London’s Piccadilly feeding his fellow Jews to the lions, that caused the agitation I felt as I left the churchyard that had hosted that faux wall over Christmas 2013/14.  St James’s Piccadilly is known for its Palestiniasm, anti-Semitism and for hosting anti-Israel events with its close relationship with NGOs like Amos Trust that takes unsuspecting people on indoctrination trips to Hebron and Bethlehem.

There have always been Jews who betray their birth right, collaborating with those who would destroy the Jewish people. That’s not news. The Jew came out of the ghetto after WWll, but the ghetto never left all Jews, even to the next generations. Nevertheless, it defies all logic that those seemingly clever enough to become professors, are unable to work out that they crave a place in a society that doesn’t want them, but rather needs them to justify their Jew hatred, and they serve them well as did Shlaim at St James’s this week.

We’ve all heard anti-Semites tell us that they are not Jew haters, evidenced by those Jews who support them – like Naturei Karte and Jews for Justice for Palestine and individuals like Shlaim and Pappe amongst others, all of whom embrace Palestinianism with great conviction. And all the while, as they use the Arabs of Palestine as a tool in their political war on the Jewish nation, they denigrate the suffering of the real victims of apartheid and civil wars in places like South Africa, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, whilst justifying Islamic terrorism. It seems absurd that at a time when we are being attacked from within, with massacres this year alone like those at London Bridge, Manchester and the Houses of Parliament, these Jews spend their time defaming the only Jewish state in the entire world and the only democracy on the Middle East.

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Sharon Klaff lives in London with her family where she is active in combating replacement ideology and antisemitism. She is a founder member of Campaign4Truth, the grassroots group established in 2009 and affiliated with Eye on Antisemitism monitoring anti-Semitism on social media.
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