Negotiations and the River of Time

‘ “If any side wished to end negotiations it wouldn’t take much, but both leaders do not seem interested in such a case,” she said. ‘                                                                                      Justice Minister Tzipi Livni on the Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative.

This, to quite a considerable extent, is a real problem here. And, in pointing it out, Tzipi Livni has touched on the fragility that seems permanently attached to all talks and negotiations of this nature. Where is the stability that, under ideal conditions, should be ever-present when matters of such magnitude and import are up for discussion? If the slightest incident or hostile move made by either side can so easily jeopardise the process, then even a single month will be more than sufficient time for this peace initiative to end its days much in the manner of every one of its predecessors.

With nothing very substantial in place to calm the more excessive mood swings of the wider scene, this current meeting of minds may last nowhere near its full term of tenure. In which case, one has to feel for Mr. Kerry and all those constantly criss-crossing the globe in search of a Middle East peace formula that might be forever denied them.

Dialogue on the inside is best served by stability on the outside.

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