Standing on the Edge

The final Torah portion of the year relates Moses’ parting words to Israel on the last day of his life. The entire nation gathered as one, and stood together “to pass into the covenant.” His words speak of spiritual beginnings, potential, and national destiny. “You are all standing here today…” resilient, renewed and ready to pass into the fulfillment of your covenant with G-d. A remarkable parallel exists between this scene, fraught with spiritual preparedness, tension and promise, and the ‘standing together’ of Israel — and all humanity — as we pass into a new dimension of reality — the coming New Year of 5773. May we all be blessed with light and harmony, peace and sweetness in this new year.

About the Author
Rabbi Chaim Richman is the director of the international department of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. For over three decades the Temple Institute has been dedicated to every aspect of the Biblical commandment to build the Holy Temple. Through its research and educational programming, the Institute seeks to highlight the universal significance of the Holy Temple as a house of peace and prayer for all nations.